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Roller Champions New Season: Disco Fever Out Now

Roller Champions new season: Disco Fever is here, ramping up the action with new arenas, game modes, and a new Roller Pass on Xbox One (and Xbox Series X|S via backward compatibility). The competition expands today to include to Brooklyn Court, a small streetside rink accessible to all players; Venice Beach Park is a larger stadium set to land later in June, with a beach atmosphere and a rollercoaster; and the Liberty Arena will come in July with a unique rink that’s only open at night, but don’t worry — the neon lights and fireworks will give you plenty of light to skate your way to victory. Once you earn enough fans to enter the Liberty Arena, you’ll see Staten Island, the Statue of Liberty, and a ferris wheel in the background.

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Disco Fever also rolls in new game modes. Arena 8 twists standard Roller Champions gameplay by setting matches in an arena shaped like a figure eight. Meanwhile, Star Dash and Star Dash Supernova are skate-park minigames that require you to catch stars to win fans and other rewards. Be careful — in Star Dash Supernova, you’ll have to be nimble to dodge bombs as you chase down stars.

Roller Champions: Season One Screenshot

A new season means an updated Roller Pass, and Disco Fever doubles the number of tiers featured during kickoff season. The new Roller Pass features a mix of rewards, including some funky disco-themed items, so there’s something for everyone. Roller Champions’ new season also rolls out several updates, including a mailbox feature that gathers all your notifications in one place, increased visibility for live events, and improved presentation in the shop and skater tabs, so you can better see your cosmetic items in action.  

Roller Champions: Season One Screenshot

Do you have what it takes to roll up to glory and make it to the Elite Champion league? Dive into Roller Champions today and groove your way to victory in Disco Fever.

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Skate, tackle, and roll your way up to glory in Roller Champions™. Discover a free-to-play, team PvP sports game like no other! Welcome to 2032. Arenas are built all over the world and fans rush to the stands to admire their modern-day heroes, the Roller Champions. They roll up to 100 miles an hour, tackle opponents, wall-skate, and dunk while thousands of fans scream their names. As a Roller Champion, compete in a team of three against three. The rules are simple: take the ball, make a lap while maintaining team possession, dodge opponents, and score. Go for more points by completing additional laps before attempting a goal. After each match, gain fans to compete in bigger arenas. Customize characters and create a unique destiny.