Drakania Awakening Has Descended!

Erethea, the seventh witch of eternal winter, calls out for war. To bring about the Lost Dragon’s Paradise, Drakania begins her flight of destruction! The Destroyer of Ynix has, at last, spread her wings and moves to snuff out the god-killing flame.

Drakania unfurls her shackled wings and dons her new twin spears. With this new weapon, Trion, Drakania spares no one. The trusting speed of her raging wind spear, combined with the destructive power of her blazing fire spear allows Drakania to deliver devastating attacks at an even faster pace! Thanks to Erethea’s power, Drakania can also switch between different attack states.

In her Hexeblood state, also considered her human form, both Trion spears are wielded to stab and slash enemies with speed and precision. While in her Dragonblood state, however, the Trion spear in her left takes the shape of a dragon’s horn to unleash more power-based attacks and defenses.

Unfolding her hidden wings also allows Drakania to soar higher than ever before, and to bring the full weight of her attacks down on enemies below. With wings unleashed, Drakania may glide freely once more as she exchanges blows with anyone that would stand in her way.

It’s time to rise and take to the skies! Come, and begin the flight of destruction towards the Lost Dragon’s Paradise! Drakania Awakening comes Today.

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