Atlas Fallen

Upcoming Action-RPG Atlas Fallen Lets You Turn Sand into Coarse, Rough, and Irritating Weapons

Hi everybody! James Lowe here, Art Director at Deck13. We just revealed our upcoming game, Atlas Fallen, a high-octane action-RPG set in an engrossing epic-fantasy world. It’s an original universe based around one main concept… I’ll let you in on it right now!

First there was sand

Giving life to a brand-new universe is an incredibly challenging and exciting journey. Ideas come and go and so much changes… yet we’re quite proud to have kept the same initial concept we wanted to place at the center of the game from the very beginning. And this concept is… sand!

More precisely, it was the idea of an elemental force hidden within the world, something as mysterious as it is powerful. Once we’d caught that one concept which perfectly fused everyone’s brainstormed ideas, sand quickly imposed itself as a perfect image to represent it. Sand is an eminently versatile element, at once solid and fluid; tiny and gigantic; quiet as death and menacing like the most terrible storm; and with the potential to transform into any shape!

Atlas Fallen

A hero to liberate mankind

Sand is everywhere in Atlas Fallen. It’s a timeless world with a vast landscape of dunes where you’ll encounter a few human settlements, as well as the scattered ruins of an ancient civilization. Little is known about the origins of this devastated world at the beginning of the game, only that mankind lives under the oppression of gods. A large part of humanity is known as the Unnamed; deprived of identity, the individuals who share this status spend their existence digging Essence from the soil – what seems to be the source of Earth’s energy.

Atlas Fallen

Starting out as an Unnamed, our hero’s journey begins when he discovers the Gauntlet: a weapon infused with Essence, whose power can command sand. Once acquired, our hero has the power to rise against the oppressors and liberate mankind! So that’s just what you’ll set out for when you play Atlas Fallen, using the Gauntlet to create powerful, sand-shaped weapons, to lift buried structures from the ground, and to glide through the sand and in the air.

Fight, glide, customize!

Atlas Fallen is all about challenging powerful gods and exploring the depths of an obscure world – customizing your playstyle along the way.

You will battle against hateful creatures known as the Wraith. These mythical, monstrous creatures serve the gods and make sure humans don’t venture anywhere they should not go, but the Gauntlet and gliding abilities of the hero are no joke against them. You’ll encounter different Wraith archetypes, smaller and… huger ones! With all different traits and abilities, you will have what it takes to take them on by customizing the sand-shaping power of the Gauntlet to best face their respective strengths and weaknesses.

Atlas Fallen

The importance of exploration in Atlas Fallen balances the pace of the game and allows you to look for fragments of the past, as well as the materials needed to customize your playstyle. Even if the main visual theme is the sand-covered desert, you can also expect to explore a nice array of environments, including castles, caves, epic cities, divine structures, and even forests!

I hope you liked this glimpse of Atlas Fallen’s world… Stay tuned to keep scratching its sand-covered surface with more posts from our team in the lead up to the release!

Atlas Fallen will release on Xbox Series X|S in 2023. Wishlist the game now and stay tuned for more news!