Smite - Ishtar

Ishtar Backflips into Smite Along with an Exciting New Odyssey Event

The Love and War update welcomes the Babylonian Goddess Ishtar, the oldest of all Deities, to the Battleground of the Gods.

Ishtar is Smite’s newest hunter – crashing onto the battleground with a grand flourish of lightning arrows. Many of her dazzling abilities will utilize these in tandem, such as her first ability: Imbue Arrows. This entirely unique ability gives her one of three different kinds of shots – a short-range volley of arrows, a mid-range explosive, and a long-range snipe. With this arsenal, you’ll never miss your target no matter how fast they flee. Should you desire something a bit flashier, Rolling Thunder, her third ability, calls down a barrage of lightning that damages and mesmerizes foolish Gods standing in the way. Ishtar’s ultimate: Blades of Retribution, is War in its purest form. Unleash a flurry of deadly golden blades, becoming CC Immune and resistant to damage while crippling enemies hit. Once these blades are fully unleashed, Ishtar can summon them back, dealing even more damage. With her unique new abilities and deadly lightning, Ishtar will be a force to be reckoned with. Will the other gods welcome Ishtar? It remains to be seen. This much is clear: Ishtar may be glad to see Gilgamesh again if only to enact glorious vengeance for his betrayal!

Smite - Hades

That’s not all: The Odyssey, Smite’s biggest event of the year, has returned!  This time with a new Tier 5 Skin: Crow of Torment Hades. This skin is a fantastic new addition to the Tier 5 Lineup and includes two incredible forms with unique animations; accompanied by a persistent effect that changes the very sky of the Battleground. This incredible feature includes dark and reddened skies, as well as hungry crows circling around the entire map.

Crow of Torment Hades can be unlocked immediately by using the Buy All option of the Soaring Isles Odyssey Event, giving you access to not only the Tier 5 but also several other skins such as Cthuwu Cthulu and Searing Seductress Sol.  Alternatively, you can progress through the event by purchasing bundles and earning Odyssey points. These bundles give you access to some of the Odyssey: Soaring Skies skins as well as cosmetic items and plenty of Odyssey Points. You can also earn these points by completing Quests and Quest Voyages on the Soaring Isles Odyssey map!! As you earn more points, you will unlock more territories and be given access to more quests!

Smite - Gem Sale

Rounding out this massive update is the Community Celebration Event! By logging in and playing Smite, you will be able to earn awesome community-designed cosmetics for FREE!  Unlocking just five of these calendar rewards will get you the Dapper Baron Samedi Skin!  Last but not least, we have the Kuku Puffs Gem Sale on the way, offering 33% off gems and putting many of our cosmetics chests on sale! Hop into Smite today and see all of the amazing content in the Love and War update for yourself!

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