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Albert Wesker Comes to Dead by Daylight: A Beginner’s Guide

The Mastermind

Whether through intellect or brute force, Dead by Daylights latest Killer Albert Wesker – The Mastermind – will stop at nothing to reach the next stage of evolution. Only those deemed worthy of Uroboros will earn the right to transcend their humanity and achieve true potential.

To maximize the full extent of Wesker’s abilities, one must channel their inner Wesker. On one hand, act with tactical precision and methodical movement. On the other, rush forward as an unstoppable Uroboros-fueled force.

Power: Virulent Bound

Let the Uroboros take control and charge up Virulent Bound, a power that allows you to chain up to two dash attacks in a row. After a dash is fully charged, Wesker will propel forward and cover a short distance. You can immediately charge and release your second dash, gaining even more distance in the process.

While Virulent Bound works as an effective mobility tool, it’s also deadly for any Survivor caught in your path. Upon impact, Wesker will seize the Survivor, infect them with the Uroboros, and continue his dash. If Wesker collides with a surface while holding a Survivor, they will become injured. If Wesker does not collide with a surface, he will instead fling the Survivor forward – should they collide with anything, they will become injured.

Not only does it feel extremely rewarding to see a Survivor careening into the nearest wall, but using Wesker’s Power offers another major upside. If a Survivor is fully Infected when you dash into them, you will instantly grab and carry them regardless of their Health State.

Wesker’s skill ceiling is high, and in the right hands his power can be truly oppressive. Mastering his toolkit will require patience and practice, and we’ve got a few tips to help build your efficiency as Resident Evil’s iconic antagonist.

Three Tips for Playing as Albert Wesker

Situational Awareness

A Dead by Daylight Map is a dynamic and unpredictable environment. Loops – structures that Survivors can run around, often with Windows and Pallets – can be challenging to navigate, especially when dashing forward in a straight line. Half the battle is knowing when and where to use Virulent Bound, as firing it off willy-nilly will lead to punishing cooldowns.

Try to predict where Survivors might be heading and use your power to cut them off. Assess whether your second dash will be beneficial before committing to it, otherwise you may find yourself recharging when you need it most. Also, note that certain maps will have several small obstacles that can mess up your pathing, so try to give a quick scan for anything that might trip you up.

The Rules of The Bound

When you’re first getting used to Virulent Bound, you might find it hard to keep track of the many possible outcomes. You may very well find yourself dashing into a Survivor, only for them to fly forward unharmed.

Like Wesker, you must remain calculated and attentive to every detail. If a Survivor is not Infected, a successful Bound Attack will infect them even if they do not get injured. Try to position your Bound Attacks to secure the injure with a collision, and be creative. Remember – there is nothing more satisfying than flinging a Survivor into another Survivor.


Wesker can use Virulent Bound to vault both pallets and windows, though there will be a small cooldown. If you remain aware of the power’s potential outcomes and limitations, you will set yourself up for a higher rate of success.

Master the Uroboros

Infecting Survivors is an important part of the plan. As detailed above, Wesker can infect a Survivor with a successful Virulent Bound attack. Once a Survivor is Infected, their infection level will passively charge, inflicting them with the Hindered status when full. While Hindered, a Survivor will move at a slower speed, making it easier to catch up and plan your next attack.

Not only will an Infected Survivor be indicated by their character portrait, but they will also be smothered in Uroboros slug-like tentacles. To escape the possibility of an instant grab, it’s likely that Survivors will leave generators and prioritize finding a First Aid Spray in the supply crates scattered around the map. Though using it will remove a Survivor’s infection, it will also reveal their location for a brief duration.


The more Infected Survivors there are, the faster your Virulent Bound recharges.The instant-grab is an excellent time-saver, especially when a few generators start to pop. Not only that, but putting a Survivor into the carry state without picking them up makes you less vulnerable to Flashlight rescues.

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