World of Tanks - Awakened

World of Tanks’ New Season: Awakened


  • New season rewards, including the new Premium tanks for World War II and Cold War modes.
  • Halloween Celebrations: Two maps + Awakened Monster Tanks in our limited-time mode.
  • Additional content: revamped Karelia map, Japanese tank add-ons, Tank Cup event, and more!

It’s that time of the year again: when twilight creeps in and brings with it only the latest and greatest for Xbox! Think you’ve got the guts to take on the new season in World of Tanks Modern Armor – Awakened?

Awakened will lure your inner monster out by daring you with plenty of themed content. Face 100 levels loaded with rewards, including Boosters, Gold, Premium Time, and many more treats for you to claim to quench your thirst for glory.

World of Tanks - Awakened

You’ve got three different ways to pursue your rewards: the Free Rewards, the Season Pass, and the Ultimate Season Pass paths. Anyone can claim their glory from the Free Rewards path – just log in, start playing, and complete challenges that will grant you points to progress through the season.

Some of the rewards from the free tier include the T77 heavy tank for World War II mode and a brand-new 3D Commander! And just like we previously mentioned, you’ll also be earning Gold, Premium Time, and more rewards every few levels.

And the treats don’t stop there. Your Season Pass not only includes rewards at every level (on top of what you get with the Free Rewards) but also grants you access to two additional 3D Commanders and more premium tanks, including the season’s new Cold War vehicle, the T-55 Enigma medium tank.

World of Tanks - Awakened

Or get the ultimate tanking experience with your Ultimate Season Pass. This pass, at a bloody good discount, gives you access to everything from the Free Rewards and regular Season Pass, plus 25 levels automatically completed, a fourth 3D Commander, and a new World War II vehicle – the Cobra medium tank!

So, that’s what we have planned for release day. Let’s move on to the spirit of the season itself…bring on the monsters!

World of Tanks - Awakened

Halloween is the core theme of Awakened – so expect much content around this community-favorite celebration.

Start with the new bad-to-the-bone Monster Tanks (yes, more tanks are inbound). Get ready to summon three new Premium World War II vehicles and see their Awakened forms when you let them loose in our annual Halloween event!

This is the time when Monster Tanks reveal their true nature and use their wicked awesome powers in battle against other Monster Tanks. This year, two spooktacular maps (Grim Graveyard and Dead City) will be in rotation.

World of Tanks - Awakened

From new Monster Tanks to limited-time events (not to mention our themed Key Cards, discounted Monster Tank bundles, and upcoming Grim Reaper and Valkyrie 3D Commanders), this eerie-sistible season has plenty to offer for fans of the horror genre and tank battles.

So there you have it – your main theme for the Awakened season! But rest assured that the fun doesn’t stop there.

Karelia returns to the map rotation with new and improved visuals, the Japanese heavy tank line receives multi-turret functionality, and the Turkey Shoot event also makes a comeback to get you into the spirit of Thanksgiving. There’s a bit of something for everyone!

World of Tanks - Awakened

And how about taking part in November’s Tank Cup event to represent your team and earn event-specific cosmetics, medals, and a special reward tank? Don’t miss your chance to score the big prize and add a real collector’s vehicle to your roster. Fight with all your might and become your opponents’ worst nightmare. World of Tanks Modern Armor’s new season begins October 4th! Are you brave enough?

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