Catan – Console Edition Coming Early 2023


  • Learn more about Catan – Console Edition launching in 2023.
  • Get a first look at the trailer showing the board game coming to life.
  • Read about key features, including rewards, local play and online multiplayer

Land ahoy! Catan – Console Edition is coming to Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S in 2023, allowing players of the massively popular strategy board game to acquire resources and build settlements on an island teeming with life. We have lots in store for prospective Catanians, who’ll be able to settle here, both solo and with friends through different game modes and challenges.

Get a first look at the announce trailer and see the island of Catan emerge ready for next year!


A board that comes to life

At the center of Catan – Console Edition is the island of Catan itself, which holds much of the visual and interactive elements our team have worked on to bring players a totally new experience. While you’re deciding on the next move, or planning your future strategy, sheep will graze fields, ships float in the harbor, and each tile will see roads and settlements surround them as play develops with each turn. Both established fans of the classic board game and those new to the lore of Catan will become immersed within a setting that really does come to life!


Solo and multiplayer game modes

A dynamic AI will be in place to challenge solo players wanting to build and grow their own settlements across the island, but more exciting is the opportunity to play among friends with a multiplayer mode that ranks players on skill. We want to ensure games are created among similarly experienced players, forming a balanced quartet to go and explore what the island has to offer.


Local play for cunning strategists

We know that playing together in one room is a huge draw for Catan players. Local play will bring planning and trading with fellow Catanians to the forefront, with the ability to see your hand privately on your smartphone while avoiding the prying eyes of others! Being able to track resources securely will further deepen the level of strategy and ensure that friends aren’t able to second guess your next move.


Rewards and cosmetics

As well as being rewarded with pride for successfully out-settling your fellow Catanians, Catan – Console Edition will also feature unlockable in-game cosmetics and rewards that add some customization to the game. We’ll be setting player challenges to earn these rewards and can’t wait to see the different kinds of approaches to strategy that they’ll bring over time. Altering tactics, online play, and the nature of how each tile is allocated mean that no two games of Catan – Console Edition are ever played the same.


Catan – Console Edition launches for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S in 2023. Future Catanians can Wishlist the game soon on the Microsoft Store.