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Medieval Dynasty Now Available on Xbox Series X|S

Imagine you travel through time and end up in the harsh Meddle Ages… A young man who lost everything, fighting for your survival, looking for a place to stay and build a future.


Welcome to Medieval Dynasty, where your fate lies in your hands alone! Will you survive and be able to succeed in life? At the beginning you have to care only for yourself! Build your first home, hunt, craft and make friends. Explore the open world, grind and prove yourself as a valuable member of the community. Later you might meet the love of your life, raise a family and start a prosperous dynasty. If you are smart and work hard, people will follow you and your village will grow along with your property. But huge success leads to huge responsibility: take care of the people and work hard to ensure their well-being and safety. Trade with other cities to grow your wealth and fight against bandits, so your village can become a safe haven.


Medieval Dynasty offers a unique genre mix! You build your city, you craft your tools, you hunt for food and you enjoy the RPG elements of the game while founding a family and leaving your mark! You will definitely enjoy when your heir grows up and you see his progress on his way to become your successor.


In Medieval Dynasty there are many things to do, but there’s no hurry, no stress. Enjoy a relaxed way of playing. Despite having to face the dangers, you experience a world that you fill with life as you like it. Start with building a house, move to farming, hunting or crafting or focus on managing your own city. Only you decide how to play, what is important to you and how you want to experience your game!

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Are you ready to start your journey and begin your life in the Middle Ages? Be aware that every step you take has an impact. Every decision you make will shape the future.  Now start Medieval Dynasty, get ready to fight for your survival, build up your medieval life and lay the foundation for your dynasty!

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Medieval Dynasty

Toplitz Productions

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Find a piece of land where you could build your home. You start as a simple farmer or a hunter, but after you gain more experience, learn and hone your skills, you can become the head of a prospering town. Design, build and improve your house – from a simple hut to an extensive farm. Convince people to join your village. Find your true love and create a family, ensuring the continuity of your dynasty. An expansive, open world awaits you. Face hot summer months and cold winters and make sure that neither you nor your people lack anything. Medieval Dynasty will captivate you with its unique genre combination for the ultimate medieval experience! Survival Defy the seasons: Make sure that neither you nor your population starve or die of thirst. Hunt wild animals, plant crops or trade resources to be ready for anything. Simulation It is in your hands: Without the right tools, you won't get far – whether you're hunting, chopping trees, harvesting or building. But watch out for wear and tear so that your pickaxe doesn't become unusable in the middle of nowhere. Role-Playing Game Live and learn: Develop your character, specialize, or become a true jack-of-all-trades as you interact with NPCs, care for your family, explore the lush world, or complete tasks for others. City Builder Start a village: You are a town planner, builder and warden all in one! Co-ordinate the layout, manage the residents, gather resources, produce goods and trade to help the community grow and prosper. The medieval world with its challenging dangers and its gorgeous surroundings is in your reach! Features Overview • Dynamic Environmental Realism: Immerse yourself in a complete 4-season cycle with dynamic day/night transitions and realistic weather, all while actively engaging with the environment, from felling trees to exploring caves. • Structural and Interior Diversity: Create a diverse range of over 25 buildings, from humble shacks to sturdy stone houses, and personalize them with a selection of over 120 furniture and decoration pieces. • Extensive Crafting: Craft 300+ pieces, including weapons, tools, furniture, and clothing. • Wildlife Interaction: Encounter wolves, boars, deer, wisent and more wild animals populating the forests. • Survival Mechanics: Monitor your food, water, health, and stamina levels. • Skill Tree: Develop your character by buying new skills. • Unique Events: Experience dynamic events and decisions with direct gameplay impact. • Quests and Economy: Engage in quests, trade, and economic activities. • Social Dynamics and Family Building: Create connections with NPCs, establish your own family, and develop relationships that may lead to the joy of parenthood in the game and provide you the opportunity to pass your legacy on to the next generation. • Interactive environment: You'll be captivated by the expansive landscape that dynamically changes with your actions. Cut down trees, collect resources or explore mysterious caves: Everywhere you’ll find something new to discover.