World of Warships - Black Friday Update

An Array of Content Marks the Black Friday Update for World of Warships: Legends  

A solid drop of content awaits players in the latest update for World of Warships: Legends. Let’s take a closer look at it, and we shall start with…

Black Friday for All of November

Ships? Absolutely! With 5 new black ships arriving to the port, the obvious standout is famed Bismarck of Tier VII, changed a bit compared to the original vessel, and Italian Tier III battleship Dante Alighieri (available through a special mission) that gets a Semi-AP shell modification for main caliber battery. The other three ships are Japanese Tier VIII cruiser Ibuki, German Tier VI Premium destroyer Z-39, and Italian Tier V Premium cruiser Duca d’Aosta.   

Deals? Sure, there are some discounts in the store starting November 7, with more of those dropping on November 14 and 21, with the sweetest deals arriving on November 21: some of them for as many as 80% off. The offers are available until December 1.

World of Warships - Black Friday Update

Tier VIII Reinforcements for British and French Navy

As many as six new ships – one of each for destroyer, cruiser, and battleship types, will be available at Tier VIII of the tech tree for Royal Navy and Marine Nationale. That range consists of British destroyer Jutland, cruiser Neptune, and battleship Temeraire, while the French field destroyer Mogador, cruiser Saint Louis, and battleship Alsace.

To get the new boats you’ll need to have Tier VII ships of the respective branches unlocked and maxed out, but researching the newcomers from scratch is possible too, amounting to 300,000 XP on their Tier VII predecessors. Having 150,000 of Elite XP on Tier VII ships unlocks the new Tier VIII vessels automatically.

World of Warships - Black Friday Update

Pirates on the Horizon!

Two new ships and two captains to helm them arrive within this update. Lady Ariadne M. Davis is the chief aboard destroyer Caprice of the British Royal Navy (closely based on French destroyer Fantasque – and that’s not a coincidence – as a self-respecting pirate she stole the boat from the French), while gorgeous-looking Michel Le Tir is in charge of the battleship La Foudre (very close to the stats of the famous Jean Bart). Both captains sport unique voiceovers.

There’s also a special Pirate Treasure Chest crate available, with guaranteed shiny doubloons inside, and a chance for mentioned ships & Commanders, along with more goods.

World of Warships - Black Friday Update

The Storm is Nigh

And it’s glorious! The current Brewing Storm campaign consists of 100 milestones split in 5 weeks, with catch-up mechanic alongside Heroic Effort missions for the most experienced sailors available. The ultimate prize, obtainable with purchased Admiralty Backing, is Japanese Tier VIII Premium destroyer Hayate, with powerful torpedoes and excellent fire-starting capabilities. A varied set of items is included in the prizes too, with crates, credits, boosters, camos, Commander Progression Items and more goods aplenty.

World of Warships - Black Friday Update

Ranked 1vs1 Returns

Dueling is back! This update features four instances of 1 versus 1 Ranked battles, for ships of Tiers IV, V, VI, and VII, respectively. Carriers are not allowed to participate, and the captains will be able to show off their best skills without having to rely on the teammates. The ultimate goal is to rank up till Rank 1 while competing for an enticing array of prizes, that includes Steel, Commander Progression Items, crates, and more items, and is distributed upon hitting new ranks.

World of Warships - Black Friday Update

Daring Bureau Project

One more mighty reinforcement in form of Legendary British destroyer Daring is ready to shine for the Royal Navy! The ship can be acquired via a free Bureau project and allows for faceted gameplay, with solid HE shells, as many as six charges of short-burst Smoke Generator consumable, Sonar available to equip, as well as tube-by-tube torpedo launchers.

Weather the storm and turn the tide in World of Warships: Legends!

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