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Tower Princess: How to Become a Proper Knight

Greetings, fellow knights, and welcome to the Far Far Away Land, home to many wizards, royal families and fairy-tale creatures. Once a peaceful and prosperous place, the world of Tower Princess is now in turmoil and in desperate need of a glorious knight who will restore peace in these lands and save its royal heirs, treacherously kidnapped by an evil dragon. In other words, the folk needs you!

…What do you mean you’ve never fought a dragon? Not a single one? Wait, you’re not a knight at all?.. Well, let’s fix that then! Here is a list of duties a proper knight should be able to carry out with their eyes shut.

Beating the Dungeon

In order to make your way through the Dragon’s Castle and save the royal lineage, you will have to deal with the dungeons first. The dungeons are full of mysteries and dangers: they consist of a set of rooms, the order of which changes with each run, so you never really know what lies ahead. Whether it’s a baddie waiting around the corner, a smart trap, a tricky platforming section or a long-awaited treasure room, ​​you’d better keep your guard up.

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Yes, you read that right, treasure room. You can be skilful and courageous, but if you don’t get yourself decent loot, you’ll have hard times dealing with the dungeon’s toughest ordeals. Multiple handy trinkets are scattered all over the castle: smash props and keep an eye out for certain enemies to get your hands on them. However, if you’d like to increase your odds of retrieveing something worthy, you’ll have to search for the enormous treasure rooms in each area. And should your eyes be keen enough, you can locate illusory walls with something that might come in handy later on behind them. Remember: surviving in the dungeon is a difficult task on its own, so cherish any aid that comes your way!


Defeating the Beasts

You’ll meet a variety of foes on your path, and it’s your duty to be prepared to deal with them. Kobolds, slimes, barrels and dark knights – all of them will try to hinder your journey hundreds of times, so show them no mercy. Yet there are much more dangerous enemies awaiting you in the separate dungeon rooms – bosses. Bosses in Tower Princess are quite unique and deserve special attention. The first one is an evil royal chef Pigomancer, whose arena is basically a giant stove – watch your feet and make sure not to get roasted! The second one is the Royal Fumigator, a jarred mushshroom with telekinesis clad in a leather suit infused with toxic spores. And the third on is the Dragon, but… Well, nevermind, you’ll see it when the time comes.


No matter how brave you are, no one asks you fight your enemies bare-handed. Pick a sharp sword if you want to slash everything around you, or go for a musket to keep your distance and stay away from the potential harm. Both weapons, as well as your armour, can be upgraded later on, increasing your damage or health, and also unlocking two special abilities for each weapon – should you use them regularly, you’ll be able to turn the tables at the right time for sure!


Rescuing a Princess

Saving a princess is the climax of each knight’s journey, but Tower Princess does you a favour and lets you experience this climax as many as eight times, since there are eight princesses in the game! Pick between a capricious human princess, a charming zombie princess, an adventurous mermaid princess, a suspicious kobold princess, or even a gallant vampire prince – each of them has their own unique ability, and without their aid, you’ll have zero chances of beating the Evil Dragon. Different princesses specialise in different things: some can heal you, while others will make your journey more comfortable in some other ways – get to know the expertise of all the princesses and make the most out of them.

You can also give all kinds of gifts to the princesses in order to win their favour. If your gifts are sufficient and to their liking, this will boost their current ability or even unlock an additional passive power for them. A princess’s heart is sure a mystery, but don’t you worry: as you progress through your adventure, you’ll be receiving hints about the preferences of each princess, so the question of picking a gift will become less of an issue. These newly acquired passives and upgrades can be incredibly helpful in times, so do not ignore this opportunity and keep your princess happy in order to prevail over evil together!


That’s all you need to know for starters, so now, having learned the basics of chivalry, you’re all set and ready to embark on a glorious journey to save the princesses and make the Far Far Away Land great again. Good luck, fellow knights, and may the odds be in your favour!

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Long ago, in a land far, far away, the Evil Dragon captured every royal heir he could meet. Many worthy cavaliers from every kingdom tried to resist the monster, but to no avail. It's your turn! You have to do everything possible to go through the dungeon, defeat the dragon and organize the most perfect date! Experience an adventure in an ever-changing castle with 3 procedurally generated areas; Challenge the inhabitants of the castle using the random qualities of your knight; Before your "and they lived happily ever after", you have to win the heart of a princess or prince! Call them for the perfect DATE and fight the Evil Dragon with your significant other! Use the mistakes of your predecessors with the upgrade system, using the experience gained with previous adventurers! Enjoy a stunning visual style that retains the spirit of classic dungeon crawlers but turned into a fun cartoon parody!