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Vampire Survivors’ First DLC Casts a Moonspell Today


Since we launched Vampire Survivors into early access a year ago, we have been thrilled and humbled by the love you’ve shown for the game. And since launching with Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass just over a month ago, you’ve shown us how much joy “being the bullet hell” can deliver.

Some of you have even put in hundreds of hours since our Game Pass launch… we see you (and we thank you). Today, we’re feeding your hunger with our first expansion.

Enter… Legacy of the Moonspell

Our story of whips, magic wands, arcana, and monsters takes us to the northern alps of Japan, home of the Moonspell Clan. There, our heroes protect the boundary between the material world and the spiritual realm.

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The veil here has always been thin, with oni, yokai, and kami of every type slipping through from time to time. The Moonspell have been forged in the fires of battle with these creatures, handing down monster hunting techniques from generation to generation.

However, as time wore on, the cracks in the veil widened, creating a flood of foes even the Moonspell could not successfully hold back. The lands were overrun. The villages and temples fell. The Moonspell were forced to retreat, never giving up hope of reclaiming their ancestral land.

More of What You Love

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Nothing is as it seems, and there is always more to discover. As you venture into the mountains alongside the Moonspell Clan, your roster will grow, your arsenal will become more formidable, and your allies will reveal that not everything is as it seems on the surface.

It’s dangerous to go alone, Survivors. No matter what happens, Death will always greet you. But Legacy of the Moonspell brings with it a fighting chance to beat back the darkness. To aid you on your journey, you’ll find:

  • Eight new and engaging characters
  • Thirteen new deadly weapons
  • One huge stage
  • Six pulse-pounding music tracks

Killer Value

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And, in true Vampire Survivors fashion, we’re keeping things nice and affordable at just $1.99 (see below for equivalent pricing in your region). Not only can you download the huge base game on Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass, but the Legacy of the Moonspell DLC is less expensive than a cup of coffee (even a terrible one).

Hundreds of hours of play await you, and if you haven’t yet tried your luck as a Survivor, now’s your chance. Vampire Survivors is available with Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass, and the Legacy of the Moonspell DLC is available today for purchase on the Microsoft Store.

Good luck out there. You’re going to need it.

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Mow down thousands of night creatures and survive until dawn! Vampire Survivors is a gothic horror casual game with rogue-lite elements, where your choices can allow you to quickly snowball against the hundreds of monsters that get thrown at you. Hell is empty, the devils are here, and there's no place to run or hide. All you can do is survive as long as you can until death inevitably puts an end to your struggles. Gather gold in each run to buy upgrades and help the next survivor. The supernatural indie phenomenon that lets you be the bullet hell! Starting Tips: – Take your time to grab gems and items, they won't disappear. – Get two or three offensive weapons at first, but focus on levelling them up one at a time. – Armour and Luck are good starting power-ups to spend money on. – Refund power-ups often, it's free, and try new upgrade paths.

Vampire Survivors: Legacy of the Moonspell


$1.99 $1.79
Legacy of the Moonspell introduces a brand new stage, new characters, new monsters, and new weapons to slaughter them with. There might even be some hidden mysteries for those of an inquiring mindset, but we can neither confirm nor deny the presence of vampires… The Fall of Clan Moonspell In eastern lands, a clan has fallen. The Moonspell, once vigilant guardians of a sorcerous valley nestled in the mountains, have been overrun by hordes of yokai and oni. Though treacherous, this hive of spectral activity may provide some clue as to the location of a vampire. If not, at least it’ll be entertaining to defeat thousands of wayward spirits in the process. New Content 8 New Characters including: Miang Moonspell – The last disciple of the Moonspell Clan before its downfall, and possibly its finest. Self-consciously a shounen protagonist. Menya Moonspell – One of the few surviving Moonspell elders, Menya’s mystical powers are near god-like. Syuuto Moonspell – Banished practitioner of the new moon dark magic, Syuuto is nonetheless an enemy of evil. Poor personal hygiene may contribute to his continued exile. Babi-Onna – Returned from the dead to seek vengeance on demons and mortals alike, she nonetheless retains her impeccable ability to charm, amuse, and dazzle. 13 New Weapons between base versions and evolutions, including: Silver Wind – An ancestral force unleashed by the staff of the Moonspell Clan, only those born under the moon can fully wield its power (or whoever finds it in a chest, we’re not sure). Four Seasons – A set of orbs which unleash the power of the changing seasons, of death and rebirth. Summon Night – A weapon which drips with the darkness of the new moon. Despite the clan’s superstitions, even the shadows can oppose evil. Mirage Robe – An enchanted kimono, weaved on a loom from the silk of the earth spider, and imbued with a fragment of Babi-Onna’s vengeful spirit. Besides, it looks fabulous darling. New Stage Mt.Moonspell – Our biggest stage yet, a sprawling map featuring several different environments, all with their own challenges and resident monsters! This one stage includes an abandoned castle, snow covered mountain, and a yokai infested village, and more besides. New Music Tracks ♫ Legacy of the Moonspell ♫ Festive Breeze ♫ Rumble Kachara ♫ Haze of Night ♫ Hell Night ♫ Crystal Allure