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Introducing Strayed Lights

Strayed Lights is an atmospheric action-adventure with fluid combat and an intricate world imbued with mystery. You are a tiny, growing light seeking transcendence.

Face giant creatures who went rogue, deformed by their emotions but yet feeling familiar, unravel the story of your newborn light on its mystical lifelong journey and explore wild nature and ruins while your inner demons try to hinder your progress.

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The Main Themes and Story of Strayed Lights

Strayed Lights is a poetic and oneiric interpretation of the journey which is life stripped down to its most essential components. It is also an ode to resilience: you witness emotions in others that went too far, becoming destructive. And it is about facing those difficult battles but in hope of unravelling and soothing rather than destroying, while growing in the process.

We intentionally added no text or dialogues in the game, to let players come up with their own interpretations. Having this liberty of appropriation is fundamental for us to experience something memorable.


What We’re Most Excited for Players to Enjoy with Strayed Lights

We’re excited for players to discover and immerse themselves in the world we created, meet the characters we designed and enjoy the combat and the game as a whole. We are also interested in how you will interpret the story, events and message of the game through your own prism.

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What Players can Expect from Strayed Lights

An innovative combat system, crafted to let the most players experience those moments of bliss, satisfying flow that comes from challenge. But also an intricate world and story based on emotions, to which everyone can relate and feel connected to. Overall, a singular experience and a sense of wonder.

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What It was Like Developing Strayed Lights for Embers

An incredible experience, a long-lasting dream becoming a reality. We put our heart and soul into this first game and everyone at Embers is extremely proud of the outcome. We came up with unique processes and techniques to allow our small team to achieve this much content and quality in the tiny amount of time it took to create the game, overcoming challenges with people we love working with everyday. We hope this shows when Strayed Lights launches on Xbox this year!

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Strayed Lights


Strayed Lights is an atmospheric action-adventure with fluid combat and an intricate world imbued with mystery. You are a tiny, growing light seeking transcendence. Explore a land of otherworldly ruins and glowing trees, where entities of flickering lights and luminescent shadows reside. HARNESS ENERGY IN COMBAT Challenge rogue shadow creatures in fast-paced, rewarding combat. Use a fluid mix of parries and dodges to absorb their energy levels until you can unleash an ultra energy attack. Shift your light from blue to orange in sync with enemies using timed parries, then push energy back at them in vivid finishers. CONFRONT CREATURES WITHIN AND WITHOUT Monsters pursue you across otherworldly regions of mists, tall trees and luminescent ruins. Enjoy evocative boss fights with colossal shadow creatures gone rogue, as well as rhythmic duels with a variety of eerie creatures. GROW AND ASCEND Build up a unique character that can harness energy to let loose bold attacks. Unlock new abilities and grow from a tiny light to a pseudo-mystical entity imbued with vivid powers. EXPLORE A MYSTERIOUS LAND Strayed Lights is set in a dark and oneiric world that is as vivid as it is mysterious.Journey alongside a haunting soundtrack that reflects states of feeling in creatures you encounter created by Austin Wintory, composer behind Journey ®, ABZÛ, and The Banner Saga series.