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The Dragon Strikes Back with the World of Warships: Legends Lunar New Year Update

Dragons, dragons everywhere! The Year of the Rabbit is upon us and World of Warships: Legends is a great place to celebrate the arrival of the new symbol of the year. The themed range includes a new gorgeously looking port, Pan-Asian Tier VII Premium Destroyer Northern Dragon, special Commander guise Celestial Guardian with absolutely menacing unique roaring voiceover, and a dedicated container with chances for various content, including some from the previous celebrations of the Lunar New Year.

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Besides, more Pan-Asian content will become available for the players in form of…

Pan-Asian Cruisers in Early Access

A brand-new tech tree range makes its debut in this update. Pan-Asian cruisers wielding deepwater torpedoes as their primary weapon backed by the Smoke Generator consumable available for Tiers IV-VII, earnable through regular and Big Early Access crates, with a personal mission for each of those. Besides, the apex predator of the branch Tier VIII Sejong will be available with the start of the next update, meaning other Pan-Asian cruisers will become obtainable for credits through tech tree research. A new Pan-Asian dedicated Commander, Chen Shaokuan, is reinforcing the officer roster to provide more choice at the helm of the ships of the new branch.

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Azur Lane: Wave IV

The newest iteration of Azur Lane collaboration arrives on February 6! It includes as many as five new Commanders:

  • AL New Jersey
  • AL Neptune
  • AL Roon
  • AL Chapayev
  • AL Saint Louis

In addition, there are two new ships, three skins, and a new crate. Make sure to check out our dedicated article to find out all the details!

Gryphon of the Baltic Flies High

Tier VIII Premium battleship Pommern is the ultimate reward of the newest campaign, available with Admiralty Backing active. Besides a ton of in-game goods, including crates, Commander Progression Items, camos and more, you’ll get a powerful German ship with a huge HP pool, powerful secondary armament, and AP shells hitting like a train. With such potent package all set and ready to go, Pommern is a solid contender for a high-ranked place on the German battleship roster.  

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Gryphon of the Baltic runs for 5 weeks, through March 6, and includes a traditional number of 100 milestones, with catch-up mechanic available, as well as Heroic Effort and Battle Prowess missions (coming with Admiralty Backing) for earning additional renown.

The First Italian Legendary Ship is Here

The Italian Navy, also known as Regia Marina, finally makes its debut at the Legendary tier! Featuring as the ultimate prize of a free Bureau project, cruiser Napoli brings a whole lot of interesting wrinkles to the heat of battle. Those include high speed paired with great concealment combo, Exhaust Smoke Generator, which is a signature consumable of Italian ships, and Semi-Armor-Piercing shells for her secondary caliber gun batteries. That’s a very solid selection of battle-ready options: consider getting this armored monster!

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Competitive Seasons Arrive in Numbers

Rejoice, captains with a desire for rivalry! This update, you’ll have plenty of chances – actually, more than ever – to prove your skill on the high seas, and win prizes in process, of course. As many as 3 Ranked Battles seasons and 2 Brawls will be open for everyone to fight in, covering most of the update’s time in the sun. Prizes, including Steel, crates, Commander Progression Items, and more in-game content, will be distributed as soon as you hit certain rank (or number of wins for Brawl): go out there and fight, starting February 1 with 5vs5 battles of Ranked season 36.

Celebrate with World of Warships: Legends and turn the tide!

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