Dying Light 2 Stay Human Anniversary Update

Dying Light 2 Stay Human Anniversary Update: New Content, Features, and Fixes

Dying Light 2 Stay Human is commencing its 1st Anniversary on January 31, 2023. The celebration event will commemorate the launch of the ultimate post-apocalyptic survival horror game. Our developer team has created a chock-full slate of exciting new features and content.

The 1st Anniversary will have a stacked celebration schedule, starting with in-game events, which have always played a substantial role in the post-launch support of Dying Light 2 Stay Human. Bloody Anniversary (January 31 – February 8) will allow players to experience the game with a greater chance of dismembering foes. Dropkick Weekend (February 09 – 13) is going to base an entire event around the signature Dying Light move with amped-up ragdolls and damage. Both will provide additional community objectives with extra Anniversary-themed rewards via techlandgg.com.

Dying Light 2 - Anniversary

Dying Light veterans can look forward to collecting all three skins of characters from the original game. For the first time, it will be possible to play in the shoes of Rais or Brecken and make a comeback as the legendary hero, Kyle Crane. Their likeness will come into play with their very own weapons and paraglider skins. To receive the Rais Bundle at no cost, players must earn it via the Bloody Anniversary. The Brecken Bundle requires similar participation in the Dropkick Weekend. Finally, the Crane Bundle is going to be an exclusive reward on TechlandGG for all proud owners of our two games: Dying Light and Dying Light 2 Stay Human.

The Community Update 2.0 will once again prove to place the fans of the series at the forefront by making some of their most requested features a reality. This includes multiple quality of life updates, improvements, fixes, and notable additions to the co-op mode, such as the long-awaited cross-gen! At last, it is time to grab your friends, regardless of the console generation of your choice, to save The City together.

Dying Light 2 - Anniversary

There is going to be a new and exciting end-game progression system in Dying Light 2 Stay Human called Legend Levels. Players will be able to earn Legend Points by completing quests, activities, and challenges to level up. With each level, they can receive Upgrade Points to boost skills, new weapons and more rewards. The new feature can be accessed after unlocking the whole skill tree in the base game.

We plan to make more announcements and teases for the entire year of 2023. This will include the reveal of a new roadmap, content updates, community activities, information about the 2nd story DLC and so much more. For more information on the 1st Anniversary and all things Dying Light 2 Stay Human, visit techlandgg.com or follow us on Instagram and Twitter.

Dying Light 2 - Anniversary

Dying Light 2 Stay Human is a first-person survival horror game. The virus won and civilization entered what many are now calling the Modern Dark Ages. As a wandering Pilgrim bound by no ethics or rules, travel to one of the remaining bastions of humanity, enter its strongholds, restore hope to its people and unwind the past that may now come back to haunt you.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human is available now for purchase on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human: Bloody Ties


Deluxe and Ultimate Edition owners of Dying Light 2 Stay Human automatically receive Bloody Ties DLC. Separate purchase is not required. Bloody Ties is the first official story DLC for Dying Light 2 Stay Human – a thrilling first-person action survival game set in a post-apocalyptic open world. Who doesn’t want hundreds of fans chanting their name in perfect unison? Or feel like they are loved and admired while obtaining unimaginable riches at the same time? But what if to have it all, one must first pay the highest of prices? As Aiden, you are encouraged by a promise of wealth, fame, and access to the best gear to enter a tournament where people sacrifice everything just for status. Hone your skills to defeat your enemies and make allies to obtain glory. You will quickly realize that the quest for fame is just the beginning and you will find yourself involved in a plot for power and revenge. Features: NEW STORY Embark on a new adventure. Secure yourself a spot in the Pantheon of the best fighters, help your new friend Ciro in his quest to avenge his brother’s death and discover the true nature of the tournament. NEW LOCATION Enter Carnage Hall – a place filled with wealth and splendor, where every fight is a narrative spectacle and the strongest seek fortune and fame. NEW WEAPON: SHIELD GLOVE Discover a new way to play with the Shield Glove, and make creative combat even more creative. NEW GEAR Obtain new gear in the tournament where strength matters the most and weapons are a symbol of status. SPECTACLES & SHOWS Play the role of your life in Spectacles – multi-objective arena shows with unique stories narrated by Astrid herself, each resembling traditional tales and fables with a wicked twist. Test your skill in arena challenges – special trials where you’ll that fight new mutated enemies, face murderous hordes and get to perform daredevil action.
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Dying Light 2: Stay Human – Reloaded Edition


Upgrade your experience with Smart Delivery. Buy the game once to both play it on Xbox One and get its optimized version for Xbox Series X | S Get the full Dying Light 2 Stay Human experience with Reloaded Edition and the free ‘Bloody Ties’ DLC. Please note: DLC must be downloaded separately. It’s been 20 years since the events of the original game. The virus won, and humanity is slowly dying. You play as Aiden Caldwell, a wandering Pilgrim who delivers goods, brings news, and connects the few remaining survivor settlements in barren lands devastated by the zombie virus. However, your true goal is to find your little sister Mia, who you left behind as a kid to escape Dr. Waltz's torturous experiments. Haunted by the past, you eventually make the decision to confront it when you learn that Mia may still be alive in Villedor — the last city standing on Earth. You quickly find yourself in a settlement torn by conflict. You’ll need to engage in creative and gory combat, so hone your skills to defeat hordes of zombies and make allies. Roam the city, free run across Villedor’s buildings and rooftops in search of loot in remote areas, and be wary of the night. With every sunset, monsters take control of the streets. A WORLD AFTER THE APOCALYPSE Fifteen years ago, humanity was devastated by the Fall — a catastrophic event that would change the world forever. With the Harran virus spreading around the globe, people quickly found out that all hope for tomorrow is lost. By 2036, only a few settlements remain, and humanity is slowly dying, making way for the new species out there — a horde of relentless zombies. DAY’S FOR THE LIVING, NIGHT’S FOR THE INFECTED Welcome to Villedor, one of the last bastions of humanity. During the day, survivors still try to have a life here and find a false sense of normalcy. Relationships are formed, dreams are dreamed, and life carries on. On the surface, everything seems… fine. Until sunset, that is. With the last ray of light dying out, other, more dreadful, dwellers of The City crawl out of their gloomy interiors, taking over the streets. If you are not vigilant and stay out too long in the dark, you may never return. YOU HAVE TO MOVE TO SURVIVE Not all fights can be won. Sometimes it’s best to run and, thankfully, you have the skills for it. Parkour lets you escape when odds are not in your favor. Jump from rooftop to rooftop, swing across the cityscape, ride ziplines, and much more. Whatever you do, experience a unique sense of freedom as you freerun across Villedor’s buildings and rooftops in search of loot or while running away from the dangers of the night. GET BRUTAL AND BE CREATIVE ABOUT IT In a world as dangerous as this one, only the strongest survive. Whether you prefer to smash, slice or dismember those who stand in your way, you have to be creative about it to make it through. And who says you need weapons? Utilize the entirety of your parkour moveset to get the jump on your enemies. Learn the ways of combat and parkour to feel the crunch of skulls and slices of flesh as you swing weapons or use your moves to fend off any forms of danger. And let’s not forget that Villedor has weapons that put the most advanced post-apocalyptic armories to shame. FOUR PILGRIMS ARE BETTER THAN ONE Surviving in Villedor is easier with friends. Team up with up to 3 other players and increase your chances out there. Unravel the story together, take on Pilgrim Outpost challenges, or simply wreak havoc on the city streets.