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Journey to Deep Space with the Stellar Shift Special Edition Wireless Controller

Today, we are excited to announce the Xbox Wireless Controller – Stellar Shift Special Edition as the newest member of the Shift Special Edition series. The Shift series debuted with Aqua Shift, inspired by the deep sea, and Lunar Shift capturing the awe-inspiring aura of the moon, but we knew that the Stellar Shift had to take it one step further. The Stellar Shift controller features a striking color shifting blue-purple shimmer that gives it a mesmerizing feeling of deep space vibes. Each controller has unique swirl grips that allow you to hold onto all of your gaming action.  

Explore new adventures with textured grips on the triggers, bumpers, and back case that provide a better hold of the controller. Alongside is a hybrid D-pad that gives the Stellar Shift an accurate yet familiar input. While you are out making discoveries, you can utilize the dedicated Share button, which can seamlessly capture and share content with all your other friends like video and screenshots on the Xbox Accessories App. Using this app, you can also create custom controller profiles and remap your buttons to your liking. The 3.5mm jack allows you to connect any of your favorite headsets. Feel free to take your controller beyond the Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One consoles, with Bluetooth technology that allows for wireless gaming on your PC and mobile devices.  

One special feature of the Stellar Shift Xbox Wireless Controller you won’t want to miss out on is the unique dynamic background that is only unlocked once you connect your new controller to your Xbox Series X|S console. Dynamic backgrounds are animated augments that bring your Xbox dashboard to life. Bask in the deep purple and blue swirling design as you venture off to wherever your Xbox takes you. To access this feature, click the Settings button on your console dashboard. Under the General tab, hit the Personalization button and find the “My Background” button. Once there, you’ll be able to see Dynamic Backgrounds and can pick between this or multiple other fantastic dynamic looks to customize your Xbox experience even further. Once you have your background applied, you will retain it until you swap it for a new design. To restore this background, simply connect the Stellar Shift controller back to the console and navigate to the menu to reapply. 

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The Xbox Wireless Controller – Stellar Shift Special Edition is available today in select Xbox markets worldwide for $69.99 USD MSRP. Check your local retailer or for more information. 

Xbox Wireless Controller – Stellar Shift Special Edition

Experience the Xbox Wireless Controller – Stellar Shift Special Edition, featuring a color-shifting, blue-purple shimmer, and rubberized purple swirl grips that brings each controller to life.