Ghostwire Tokyo Xbox Hero Image

Ghostwire: Tokyo Is Coming to Xbox – Play the All-New Spider’s Thread Update April 12

In a flash, nearly every living human in Tokyo disappears as a menacing fog creeps in. As Akito, a lone survivor of this supernatural catastrophe, it’s up to you to team up with an unlikely ally: the spirit of a detective known only as “KK.” With the power to combat the otherworldly Visitors taking over the city, it’s up to just you two to save the world of the living in Ghostwire: Tokyo, coming soon to Xbox!

Available April 12 for Xbox Series X|S with Xbox Game Pass, and Windows 10/11 PC with PC Game Pass, Ghostwire: Tokyo will arrive with the free Spider’s Thread update, adding a multitude of enhancements to the single-player hit, including additional areas to explore, new story cutscenes, quality-of-life improvements, a bonus game mode and more!

Face The Unknown

As Tokyo is overrun by the hostile Visitors, it’s up to players to get to the bottom of the mysterious vanishing and stop Hannya, the elusive masked figure claiming responsibility for the incident. With a variety of skills and ability to hone their Ethereal Weaving, Akito & KK will have to work together and become a finely-tuned ghost hunter to save Tokyo from destruction.

Explore a Beautifully Haunted Tokyo

Lovingly rendered with next-gen technology by the team at Tango Gameworks, Ghostwire: Tokyo features an authentic vision of modern-day Tokyo taken over by spirits. Walk, grapple and glide above the rainslicked streets and narrow alleys as you encounter paranormal creatures born out of Japanese folklore and urban myth.

Play the Spider’s Thread Update at Launch

Available as a free update, the Spider’s Thread update adds more to explore in haunted streets of Tokyo, including new content, improvements and an all-new game mode!

Take on the Spider’s Thread mode and test your skills as well as play new quests in the main game, capture a souvenir with an enhanced Photo Mode, explore the all-new Middle School area, pull out new combat moves like the Quick Dodge or Charge Rush attack, and so much more! With the Spider’s Thread update, players will get to have the definitive Ghostwire: Tokyo experience.

Prepare for a world of the supernatural when Ghostwire: Tokyo comes to Xbox Series X|S with Xbox Game Pass and Windows 10/11 PC with PC Game Pass on April 12. Learn more about Ghostwire: Tokyo on the official website.