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Bringing the Tabletop to Life in Dice Legacy: Definitive Edition

It’s a challenge to bring systems together to fit perfectly with one another! Each one has to be carefully balanced, considering the changes other systems bring, and what the addition of each additional system affects. Our unique, dice-based survival city builder, Dice Legacy sits directly in the middle of this careful balance, putting the controlled ‘random number generation’ aspect of its titular dice at the true center of it all. It’s this innovative design that won Dice Legacy its “Most Original Game of Gamescom 2021” award. With the additional scenarios, DLC, and gamepad support brought to Xbox by the Definitive Edition – which is out now for Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One – players can put their strategic mettle to the test.

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The dice represent your people, starting out as Peasant Dice and given general tasks they’re able to perform. Along the way, you’ll elevate them to different classes with specific functions, sacrifice them, forge new and empowered dice, and even ascend them for use in new playthroughs. While a dice roll is an iconic example of chance, you choose how they’re utilized, which faces to lock in, and tipping the chances for each die as you assign them a class.

As your people, they need to be protected and provided for as the cold of winter sets in and raiders strike into your lands; at the same time, their happiness must be balanced, as well. Your domain’s expansion will cost resources and take decision-making, and both can come at the cost of your peoples’ happiness – ignore them at your own peril.

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Building your domain means building structures, from the first cookhouses to the mysterious concoctions of the laboratory. Each structure serves your domain, starting by gathering basic resources and progressing onwards to establish and enhance your kingdom. While growing your population and level of technology advances your reach and potential, the resources required also increase in quantity and rarity. Mismanaging them can spell doom for your attempt, but lessons learned (and dice ascended) can be brought into the next run for you to apply as you see fit!

Players can expect to further challenge themselves with the content included in the Definitive Edition! Brace for wild turns of weather, discover hidden memories throughout the land to help (or hurt) you, and placate the demands of an up-in-arms populace at the risk of being overthrown. Additionally, the Definitive Edition includes the Corrupted Fates DLC, where players will discover the ethereal corruption that lies at the heart of their kingdom. Choose whether to wield it to your own ends, stamp it out, or succumb to it.

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Ruling a kingdom is a fine balance between riches and ruin, and Dice Legacy: Definitive Edition puts your leadership to the test. Your defenses, your people, and your resource management all must be tended to regularly, and each of these is tied into the success or failure of the others. When they work in harmony, you are prepared to face any challenge that arrives at your doorstep, and the ringworld has many to offer. Will you masterfully strike out into this new land, or will your fledgling kingdom burn?

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Dice Legacy Definitive Edition

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Experience Gamescom's Most Original Game of 2021 in its Definitive Edition. In this dice-based survival city builder, you roll and use your dice to gather resources, construct buildings, expand your settlement and face the menacing threats of a mysterious ringworld. Your dice are your people. Allocate them to jobs, keep them happy and healthy by providing food, ale and medicinal herbs. Assign them classes to gather resources, fight enemies, and develop your domain. Prevent starvation and sickness from spreading through your realm and prevent your dice from freezing in the unforgiving cold of the winter blizzard. Manage the happiness of your people as you grow your realm from its humble beginnings, building structures to care for the classes while allocating your resources. Pass Policies proposed by the Council, balancing improvements to your society against the happiness of the various classes. Explore an uncharted continent, interact with its strange inhabitants and face the wrath of a mysterious population. Upgrade and empower your dice, forge them together to create mighty Constructs, research forbidden technologies and discover the secrets of the Ring. The Complete Dice Legacy Experience Dice Legacy Definitive Edition includes all the content and scenarios from the original Dice Legacy release plus the three major updates: Memories, Forging a Realm and A Storm is Coming as well as the Corrupted Fates expansion pack.