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How High is Too High? Ladder Matches in AEW: Fight Forever

When All Elite Wrestling (AEW) burst onto the wrestling scene in 2019, Ladder Match competitions were instantly a major draw inside the ring. Why? Because Ladder Matches require amazing acrobatic feats and a desire to not only win but win while delivering a performance that is nothing short of spectacular. A performance that, simply put, defies gravity.

It didn’t hurt that the AEW talent roster was, and still is, brimming with young athletes whose desire to “one-up” one another’s performances has translated to countless in-ring moments that leave entire stadiums in awe. Cue Darby Allin any time he scales the ladder with his skateboard in-hand. Arguably the most epic AEW Ladder Match of all time: Sammy Guevara vs. Scorpio Sky at AEW Dynamite in April 2022. Fans have watched and rewatched this match over and over for more than a year!

Starting June 29, you will finally get a chance to come as close as you’ll ever get to reliving that match as Sammy Guevara OR Scorpio Sky in AEW: Fight Forever for Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One! Prepare to ascend those fateful rungs as Sammy or Scorpio – or choose another of your favorite AEW wrestlers from an in-game roster of 50, including Darby Allin and his skateboard. You can even play as controversial referee Aubrey Edwards!

For the uninitiated, the Ladder Match is an AEW title challenge like no other. Not only do you have to fend off your opponent, but you have to do so while scaling a ladder inside the ring. Ladder Match mode in AEW: Fight Forever delivers the same level of intensity. Your biggest, high-flying moves can only happen in Ladders! Players will reach their highest point in the game, and attempt to perform back-flips, big-drops, perhaps even the Jeff Hardy leg-drop on their opponent. Landing those acrobatic moves just right requires impeccable timing and athleticism… and a ladder that doesn’t break on your way up (or down)! Every Ladder Match is a race to the top to see who can grab the Champions Belt first!

It’s important to know that ladders aren’t just for climbing and launching acrobatic attack moves, including your very own Swanton Dive. In AEW: Fight Forever, ladders are also part of your arsenal of weapons, especially when they’re wrapped in barbed wire. And yes, in true AEW fashion, ladders can and do draw blood.

In the words of the legendary Ladder Match champion Sammy Guevara, “When I get up there, I’m like, you know what sounds cooler than winning? Doing some crazy stuff!”

AEW: Fight Forever launches in two short weeks. Pre-order AEW: Fight Forever for Xbox Series X|S or Xbox One now to add Matt Hardy and Broken Matt Hardy to your in-game wrestler roster!

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