Naraka: Bladepoint – Here’s What Game Pass Owners Get When the Game Goes Free-to-Play

Our journey on Xbox started back in August of last year, with our first milestone of Naraka: Bladepoint hitting one million players on Game Pass in its first month on the service. It’s been an incredible pleasure for our team to witness and we can’t thank the Xbox player community enough!

To keep the action flowing, we recently announced that the game is going will be free-to-play on Xbox starting from July 13. All Game Pass members will get free conversion from the current Standard Edition to the new Deluxe Edition, along with in-game rewards. Here is everything that Game Pass members will be able to claim for free when Naraka: Bladepoint goes free-to-play.

  • Two legendary weapon skins: Dual Blades Lacerator and White Viper Spear. These two amazing skins will help players on their early cosmetic journey in Naraka.
  • 300 Hero Coins: Players can use hero coins in-game to redeem any desired hero.
  • 10 Immortal Treasures: The treasures contain numerous types of cosmetics. There’s a chance to get the rarest “Extreme” level skins!

For more detailed differences between Free players and Deluxe players, please check the FAQ on

More Rewards!

Veteran rewards will be available to players who previously purchased the game or obtained the game through Game Pass. They will receive in-game gold equivalent to what the edition they currently possess and more. Various anniversary in-game events and rewards will also be unveiled in more detail very soon.

Other Cool Stuff!

  • New weapon: Players will have gain access to a Dual Halberds weapon, which combines a spear and a dagger into one. It can stab straight and also strike horizontally with the ability to lock other weapons.
  • New mode: Select the new mode “Capture the Spirit Well” to enter a 12v12 gang wars battle that allows players to capture locations to earn points. There is also a Justice Chamber update to guild mode, offering a much more feature-rich update to the current guild system.
  • New hero: Meet Tessa – she is a 1000-year-old fox demon, who can charm her enemies and capture their souls.
  • 3D Lobby: Players can grapple around and explore while queuing.
  • New season skin theme: Classic of Mountains and Seas and the god of four seasons.
  • Collaboration with Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains (based on a famous Chinese painting).

We are very thrilled that players have enjoyed their time with Naraka: Bladepoint, and while we are on the cusp of celebrating its second anniversary, we are excited to assure players that the team is hard at work to create new seasonal content and constantly provide updates to the game to make it the most unique and special melee battle royale title out there. Make sure to keep an eye out for information about these upcoming features!

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We’re turning off the lights and bringing out the Jack O’ Lanterns this Halloween! Fairyland Penglai takes on a spooky feeling when the lights are out. And there will be a mini-game in the 3D lobby where you can interact with a Spooky Ball. Hide or scare your way to victory! Deluxe Edition includes: – Base Game – Hero Coin*300 – Dual Blades Skin: Lacerator – Privilege -Exclusive Spear Skin [White Viper] -Immortal Treasure*10 *You will receive your Immortal Treasure*10 2 hours after you start the game. Dive into the legends of the Far East in NARAKA: BLADEPOINT; team up with your friends in fast-paced melee fights for a Battle Royale experience unlike any other. Heroes from all over the world have gathered on Morus Island, where two ancient gods collided eons ago — creating the Mask of Immortality: an artifact of legendary power. You are one such hero, ready to face many others on your way to claim it. Experience a unique fighting gameplay, combining fast movements in a large environment and a deep and intense melee combat system based on combos, parries, and counters. Build your own playstyle from our immense roster of original characters, each with unique customizable skills, and all using a wide array of weaponry ranging from Katanas to Muskets. In addition to the many different competitive modes you can enter as a team with your friends, NARAKA: BLADEPOINT offers solo campaigns, new seasonal content and a deep customization system rarely seen in Battle Royales. More than 20 millions players have already joined the fray, it’s your turn now! MELEE-FOCUSED COMBAT Dynamic, fast-paced and ever shifting; battle your enemies with punishing combos, parries and grit or outsmart them using lethal counters in an intense mind game. BOUNDLESS MOVEMENT Wall run, swoop down, and zip across mountains and buildings with ease as you hunt down unsuspecting foes using your grappling hook and parkour skills. YOUR BUILD. YOUR PLAYSTYLE Combine a variety of melee and ranged weapons with our cast of powerful heroes, each with customized skills and unique Ultimate moves. EASTERN LEGENDS Travel to the magnificent but dangerous land of Morus and Holoroth, where great battles have shaped a beautiful landscape inspired by Far Eastern legends.