Xbox Insider Release Notes – Xbox App for Windows [2307.1000.37.0]

Hey Xbox Insiders! We are releasing our second 2307 build Xbox app on Windows to Xbox Insiders who are enrolled in the Windows Gaming Insiders preview and the latest Gaming Services app.

New Versions of Windows Gaming prerelease products:

  • Xbox App version released: 2307.1000.33.0       
    • Available: 5:00 p.m. PT – July 10th, 2023
  • Gaming Services version released: 12.77.3001.0
    • Released: 5:00 p.m. PT – July 10th, 2023

Current versions of Windows Gaming prerelease products:

  • Game Bar version: 5.823.3261.0      
    • Released: 5:00 p.m. PT – March 31st, 2022    

What’s new in 2307:

  • At-a-glance social
    • See all your online friends at-a-glance in a streamlined friends list or pop it out to your desktop so you’re always ready for multiplayer gaming and chatting with your favorite people.
  • Refreshed notification center
    • We updated the notification center, making it easier to see what’s happening in Game Pass and manage your notifications.
  • More sort options
    • Now you can sort the games in your Library by installed size and maturity rating. Go ahead and make room for some of those games in your backlog.
  • Prioritize your game downloads
    • When multiple games are downloading, you can change the priority with the click of a button to ensure the most important one gets installed first.
  • Manage 3rd party launchers
    • The settings page now provides a centralized place to manage the behavior of launchers connected to Xbox and view any issues there may be connecting to the EA, Ubisoft, or Riot launchers.
  • Updated Most Recently Used
    • The games in your sidebar are now sorted by most recently used to make it even quicker to jump back into your current games. Switch between “most recent” and “installed” when you need to or see your whole catalog in My Library.

Bug Fixes :

  • Fixed an issue that caused some context menus to extend past expected boundaries
  • Fixed an issue where Narrator might sometimes not correctly call out focus
  • Added a tooltip letting users know when they were leaving the Xbox app for new features
  • Fixed several UI issues including some contrast issues and several additional Narrator issues

How to Get Xbox Insider Support

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