Starfield and Series S in September

Starfield and Series S 1TB Kick Off an Incredible September


  • Countless can’t-miss games are being released on Xbox during the month of September, including some of the year’s most anticipated games, like Starfield, EA Sports FC 24, and Lies of P.
  • September marks the launch of the new Xbox Series S – 1TB, delivering extra storage in a new Carbon Black finish!
  • A new Game Pass plan, Game Pass Core, releases on September 14 and provides members access to our advanced multiplayer network, a collection of over 25 games to play, and more!

September is shaping up to be one of the hottest months of the year for Xbox players, with a ton of new releases, including some of the year’s most anticipated games, several of which will be available with Game Pass on day one (Starfield, Lies of P, Payday 3 – just to name a few). Plus, with the release of the 1TB Xbox Series S in Carbon Black on September 1 and Xbox Game Pass Core launching on September 14 you will have even more options on what to play and where to play it.

Xbox Series S – 1TB

With the release of so many new games this month, it’s a great time to join Xbox or upgrade your console, so you can enjoy games that only run on Xbox Series X|S and PC like Starfield, Forza Motorsport, and more. Plus, September 1 marks the release of the new Xbox Series S – 1TB, which was announced earlier this year at the Xbox Games Showcase 2023. This console features the same next-gen speed and performance of our 512GB Series S, now with double the storage so you can download even more of your favorite games to your console where they’ll be ready to play when you are. Xbox is always exploring ways to use less new materials and reduce waste – our new 1TB Series S incorporates Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) resins, mirroring the practice established in 2021 with our white Series S in a new color. The bold Carbon Black color is the same sleek, modern matte finish as Xbox Series X and the Xbox Wireless Controller. Make the most of every gaming minute with features like Quick Resume, lightning-fast load times, and support for gameplay of up to 120 FPS.

Xbox Series S Carbon Black

The Carbon Black Xbox Series S – 1TB joins our family of devices, including the original 512GB Series S and 1TB Xbox Series X, now available in every market where the devices are sold and available at and, plus other participating retailers..

We know you’re here for the games, and September’s lineup features dozens of titles spanning most genres, so there truly is something for everyone to enjoy wherever you play. Here’s a list featuring some of the must-play games releasing on Xbox this September and a few details about each to help you decide which game to jump into first.

Xbox Live
Xbox Play Anywhere


Bethesda Softworks

$69.99 $46.89
PC Game Pass
Xbox Game Pass

Starfield – September 6 / Xbox Series X|S, PC, Cloud Gaming (Beta) / Game Pass

Starfield is the first new universe from Bethesda Game Studios in over 25 years and arguably one of the most anticipated games of this console generation. Embark on an epic journey to answer humanity’s greatest mystery and create your own journey across the stars with extensive character and ship customization, more than a thousand planets to explore and much, much more.

Xbox Live




Mythforce – September 12 / Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One

Inspired by beloved Saturday morning cartoons, MythForce unites swords & sorcery with gripping 1st-person combat in a new roguelike adventure. Learn more in our interview with Beamdog (and BioWare) co-founder Trent Oster.

Xbox Live

The Crew Motorfest – Xbox One


Free Trial

The Crew Motorfest – September 14 / Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One

Play Ubisoft’s latest racing game for free for 5 hours until September 17 with the Free Trial! Join high-speed street races through the bustling city of Honolulu, test your skills off-road on the ashy slopes of a volcano, or master the perfect curve on the tracks.

Xbox Live

Gloomhaven Mercenaries Edition

Twin Sails Interactive


Gloomhaven – September 18 / Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One

Gloomhaven is the digital adaptation of the acclaimed board game and mixes Tactical RPG mechanics and dungeon crawling. With 17 morally dubious mercenaries to lead and more than 250 missions, the game rewards only the most daring players with the sharpest minds. Find out how the team adapted a board game as a controller friendly experience on Xbox Wire.

Xbox Live

Lies of P


$59.99 $41.99
PC Game Pass
Xbox Game Pass

Lies of P – September 19 / Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC, Cloud Gaming (Beta) / Game Pass

Lies of P is a thrilling Soulslike game that takes the story of Pinocchio, turns it on its head, and sets it against the darkly elegant backdrop of the Belle Epoque era. Are you a Soulslike fan? Find out what you need to know in our hands-on with the game.

Xbox Live

Mortal Kombat 1 Premium Edition

Warner Bros. Games


Mortal Kombat 1 – September 19 / Xbox Series X|S

Discover a reborn Mortal Kombat Universe created by the Fire God Liu Kang. Mortal Kombat 1 ushers in a new era of the iconic franchise with a new fighting system, game modes, and fatalities! Find out more about the and pre-order now for Early Access to begin playing on September 14.

Xbox Live

Party Animals

Source Technology

$19.99 $15.99
Xbox Game Pass

Party Animals – September 20 / Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Cloud Gaming (Beta) / Game Pass

Choose your character from a diverse cast of adorable animals as you battle it out across multiple game modes in this console launch exclusive with both online multiplayer and local splitscreen action with up to 8 players, paw it out with your friends to be the last one left standing in the ultimate competitive brawler.

Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty



Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty – September 26 / Xbox Series X|S

Phantom Liberty is a new spy-thriller adventure expansion for Cyberpunk 2077. Become V, a cyber-enhanced mercenary for hire, and dive deep into a tangled web of espionage and political intrigue, unraveling a story that connects the highest echelons of power with the brutal world of black-market mercenaries.

Elpaso Elsewhere

El Paso, Elsewhere – September 26 / Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC

Brought to you by the team at Strange Scaffold, fight werewolves and vampires in a reality-shifting motel exclusively on Xbox and PC. With stakes, guns and slow-mo – dive through barricades to escape the grasp of evil puppets. Destroy the villain you loved in a new, third-person love letter to classic shooters. Neo-noir never looked so good.


Cocoon – September 29 / Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One

Cocoon is a unique take on the puzzle adventure genre, where each world exists within an orb that you can carry on your back. This one feels like another indie classic-in-waiting from acclaimed publisher Annapurna.

Xbox Live

EA SPORTS FC™ 24 Xbox One

Electronic Arts

Free Trial

EA Sports FC 24 – September 29 / Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One

EA Sports FC 24 welcomes you to the most true-to-football experience ever with 19,000+ licensed players, 700+ teams, 30+ leagues and more. Pre-order EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Edition now to start playing starting September 22, begin building your dream squad with 4,600 FC Points, enjoy a Nike Ultimate Team campaign, and more.

Xbox Game Pass Core Coming on September 14

Game Pass Core

On September 14, Xbox Live Gold will be transitioning to Xbox Game Pass Core and current Gold members will automatically become Core members. Players can join Game Pass Core and get access to online console multiplayer, a catalog of over 25 high-quality games including Forza Horizon 4, Grounded, Among Us, and more, and member deals and discounts. For more details on the available Game Pass plans and how to join, check out the official website.

With the 1TB Xbox Series S in Carbon Black now available, Game Pass Core, and dozens of new Xbox titles all launching in September, it’s an exciting month for gamers around the world. Now is the time to jump into Xbox, because if you think September is hot, just wait until you see everything coming in October! Here’s just a glimpse – Forza Motorsport, Sword Art Online: Last Recollection, Assassin’s Creed Mirage, Lords of the Fallen, Alan Wake 2, Cities: Skylines II, Metal Gear Solid: Master Collection, Alone in the Dark…and many others. 

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