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Unique Rogue-lite, Deflector, is Out Now on Xbox Consoles

Hey, Xbox fans!

Autumn has already begun, the summer holiday season is behind us and with it… the machine of great premieres in the game industry takes off! We know that there are a whole bunch of amazing games ahead to play, but I am here today to remind you that in this great melting pot there are also interesting indie gems waiting for your attention. Today I will briefly introduce you to just such a piece – Deflector – a game by  Arrowfist Games, which you can now play on Xbox consoles. Let’s go!

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Deflect Them All
Before we dive into the details, let’s get the basics out of the way. Yes, the game’s title can provide you some hints about its mechanics, haha. But let me tell you more. Deflector is a top down, action rogue-lite set in a intriguing sci-fi world – deadly microcosmos. The protagonist’s task here is to eliminate the viruses that have invaded the system. Actually, it all turns out to be a big experiment in which each of your failures provide new experience and data, allowing you to start the ‘research’ over and over again. And all of that in an intriguing, dark, visually appealing setting and accompanied by heavy metal music in the background. Can you feel it?

Deflector screenshot

Yes, Deflector’s gameplay is where it truly shines. The game challenges you to think on your feet, adapt to ever-changing circumstances, and harness your newfound powers to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles. As a gamer, I love it when titles not only test my skills but also forces me to think strategically about every move. This was all thanks to the developer’s unique approach to the formula:

Deflector was born with the idea of creating a roguelike with a fresh core gameplay, drawing inspiration from acclaimed titles like Hades and Risk Of Rain 2. We decided to challenge the genre’s core principle of dodging enemy attacks by flipping it into: players must actively pursue enemy bullets and deflect them!”  – Mario Benavente Garcia, CEO & Creative Director of Arrowfist Games.

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The game thus throws the player into a whirlwind of dynamic action with elements of management and planning. Deflector is a game with randomly generated levels, enemies and obstacles so each experience will be completely different. In addition, the game allows you to make progression in your own style; e.g., by choosing the right stops for regeneration while traversing the map. And when you want to go full-on again, you can jump into the right mode and face the next wave of enemies, putting your timing and precision to the test.

Meet the Makers: Arrowfist Games
Now, let’s take a moment to appreciate the minds behind the game – Arrowfist Games. These folks are not your typical game developers. They’re a small (just three people!) passionate team that pours their heart and soul into their project. They’re in it for the love of gaming and the desire to create something special.

“The journey began in early 2020 with our initial prototype at GameBCN, a game incubator in Barcelona, which helped us lay the foundation for Arrowfist Games and our debut title, Deflector.”
– Mario Benavente Garcia, CEO & Creative Director of Arrowfist Games.

In an industry often dominated by corporate giants, it’s always cool to see a group of passionate individuals come together to craft a game that’s not just another, the same product but something new and creatively twisted. It’s a reminder that gaming is an art form, and it’s fueled by the passion and creativity of those who pour their souls into it.

Deflector screenshot

Let’s Go!
Deflector is available now on all Xbox consoles (Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S), so, fellow gamers, if you’re looking for a game that’s as unique as it is challenging, give iit a try. Maybe you will find in it what you have been missing somewhere else! We’d also love to hear your thoughts on the game so don’t hesitate to share them with us, when you play.

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See you!

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Deflector is a hack and slash game, where you will experience a dynamic gameplay with an unlimited and unique combo system. Test your reflex and don’t let your guard down – enemies will have no mercy. Jump into the future, select your loadout, and save the world from the enormous and well known danger in history – viruses. FUTURISTIC WORLD Explore locations controlled by viruses and set them free from evil. Progress through the run and choose your path. Use the environment to your advantage, and beware of toxic water, spikes, or electrical fences. Each location offers its unique layouts and traps – so watch your every step. ENTERTAINING COMBAT SYSTEM Pick your character and defeat enemies with style. Each hero has a different set of skills and abilities. If you are a fan of melee combat, pick up a sword or put on your boxing gloves. Do you prefer to keep a distance from enemies? No time to waste – get your boomerang and deflect enemies’ projectiles to kill them. UNLIMITED POSSIBILITIES Create unique combos, test them, and find your favorite way to slash through enemies. Thanks to game mechanics each approach will be slightly different. You will have to choose additional abilities, stats, and routes on the map. In addition, remember to gather resources from missions to permanently upgrade your skills.