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Dinobreak Stampedes onto Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One Today

Hello Survivors!  My name is Evan Wolbach, co-founder of Dead Drop Studios. Today I’m thrilled to share all sorts of juicy morsels about our latest survival horror title, Dinobreak. It’s our most action-packed game yet, and it absolutely sings (or roars!) on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One.Prepare for a truly primal terror!

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More Fun Than a Barrel of…Dinos?

Up until now, we’ve created classic survival horror games featuring the undead in the Outbreak series.  Dinobreak changes that with a more action focused approach, and of course, plenty of scaly beasts to take down and flee from. Building upon our years of know-how and on feedback based on Outbreak: Contagious Memories, Dinobreak is a fresh romp featuring an original story, new and accessible difficulty options, our best visuals yet, unlockable modifiers and cheats, and a bonus mode that’s sure to be a blast to replay again and again.

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Use Multiple Cameras for a Different Experience

Similar to Outbreak: Contagious Memories, you can freely choose your camera type in Dinobreak.  Whether you prefer a traditional, over-the-shoulder camera, a more modern first-person view, or you have a hunger for that classic fixed-camera style, Dinobreak has you covered.  The game is fully playable in all views, and you can even swap between them on the fly, so explore the way you want to.

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Avoid Eggs to Conserve your Resources!

In this adventure, you once again step into Lydia’s shoes to escape Cypress Ridge, but this time it’s being ravaged by dinosaurs. You’ll be taking down hordes of raptors while carefully managing your inventory and solving puzzles. You can choose to sneak around eggs to avoid encounters, or you can go in guns blazing and take down every last primordial pest in sight. Don’t take too much time deciding, though; spend enough time in an area and those pesky eggs will start hatching.

Dinobreak - eggs in a lab

Fun for Both First-Time and Veteran Players

For the first time, we’re offering extra, easier difficulty options so that fresh meat to the world of survival horror can play and enjoy Dinobreak.  In assisted and easy modes, you’ll find plenty of ammo and pick-ups so you can get acclimated to the basics of survival.  If you crave a more savage challenge, hard and primal difficulties will put your back to the wall as an army of dangerous beasts threaten to tear you limb from limb. Gulp!

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More Than Just Story Mode

As with most of our titles, Dinobreak features a bonus mode. This time, you can enter Operation: Feral Raptor, score huge points, and escape while also saving other survivors.  Both this and story mode are playable in local co-op, so abscond with a friend to experience a different type of fear. Dinobreak rampages to Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One today via Smart Delivery. Can you escape before nature’s most fearsome creatures turn you into their lunch?

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The crises of the past return in DINOBREAK as dinosaurs overwhelm a metropolitan city on a fateful night in 1999. Band together with survivors across the city to uncover the origins of the onslaught, and find a path to safety. DINOBREAK looks, sounds and plays like a '90s-era survival horror game. Cheesy acting, extreme gore, exhilarating action, and resource management await as you fight through hordes of dinosaurs to escape alive. Take one last trip to the world of survival horror in this one-of-a-kind adventure.