Commandos Origins

Commandos: Origins – A Legendary Franchise Reborn

Increasingly, story conflicts seem to be set in modern day or in a far-off future, driven by one-man armies living out overplayed power fantasies without an ounce of tension. And there is some joy in this – it’s fun to be a god, however it sits in stark contrast to what some old school games did. Each level was a chess puzzle, and if you don’t move each piece carefully, they will be captured. Luckily the folks at Claymore Games and Kalypso Media are taking players back to this style of game, back to the gritty historical realism of World War II and back to the iconic Commandos series in their newest title, Commandos: Origins.

Commandos: Origins

For many, the Commandos series was one of the first experiences with video games and holds a special place in their gaming history. The series had a niche appeal and hasn’t been replicated extensively in the modern gaming industry, but gamers who enjoyed its gameplay are still drawn to it for its uniqueness. Nostalgia can be a powerful emotion and it was therefore paramount that Claymore stayed true to the reasons that made Commandos the genre defining franchise it continues to be today.

Commandos was acclaimed for presenting players with complex tactical challenges. Figuring out how to complete a mission using the unique abilities and the tools of each character was difficult and required precise planning and execution. The titles were well known for their high level of difficulty and this is not something the team have shied away from in Commandos: Origins

Commandos: Origins

Commandos: Origins will transport you to authentic locations during World War II where you will engage in close quarters combat with Green Beret, Jack O’Hara, and lead your squad as they take down opposing forces with tactical efficiency. What is old will feel new as Commandos: Origins reignites the core gameplay experience that many fell in love with over 25 years ago.

Commandos: Origins

Under O’Hara’s command are a diverse group: The Sapper, a fearless firefighter turned demolitions expert; The Marine, a former Navy Captain and diver with unmatched underwater stealth; The Sniper, renowned for precision marksmanship; The Driver, skilled in handling stationary guns and tanks; and The Spy, a master of infiltration. You will encounter a ruthless enemy, requiring the squad to carefully outsmart the adversary at every turn.

For many fans of the Commandos games, there was a strong attachment to the characters, each with their own personalities and special abilities. Returning players will be transported back in time and reunite with those iconic characters, this time telling the origin story of how these characters met and became the infamous Commandos.

While the graphics have been modernized, they will retain the art style of the original series. Commandos: Origins will deliver squad-based stealth gameplay in an isometric 3D real-time environment, just like its predecessors. Dedicated players who pay close attention will also be rewarded with secondary objectives and collectibles they may have missed the first time around, ensuring an exciting and challenging game experience with each playthrough.

Commandos: Origins

Alongside some welcome updates and exciting new features, nostalgia runs deep through the game’s DNA. Distilling the series’ unique gameplay, challenging nature, memorable characters, and special place in gaming history, Commandos: Origins will act as a reminder of a different era of gaming that will captivate and entertain fans and entice new ones alike.

The stage is set for 2024 as Commandos: Origins comes to Game Pass for Xbox Series X|S and Windows PC with characters from the original lineup and the full backstory of how the beloved Commandos squad got its start. For more information, visit