Kingdom Eighties is Out Now on Xbox

An Epic Adventure Set in the Pixelated 80s

Grab your bike, get your friends and beat back the Greed in the next installment of the award-winning Kingdom Series, Kingdom Eighties, where the iconic gameplay formula has been reinvented as a single-player adventure with rad 80s aesthetics.

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Kingdom Eighties is an ode to those summer nights when you stayed up late playing board games. A love letter to Saturday mornings in front of the TV with sugary cereals. And a throwback to when cell phones weighed a ton and had more buttons than one.

Kingdom Eighties will provide something new for both seasoned Kingdom players and those new to the series. Much like a best-of album, the game contains all the great tracks that make up the Kingdom series—it’s a side-scrolling, story-driven, tower-defense game where you have to manage resources and your team, build defenses and really make your noggin work, trying to figure out which strategy to use.

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Together with your friends (who all have special skills, more on that below) you need to recruit new companions and gear them up so you’re ready to combat evil…and run a lemonade stand.

Something Lurks in the Neon Night

All you wanted to do was to veg out, eat too much candy, and watch horror movies until dawn. But instead, the swarm of Greed invaded your camp, and now you have to fight it!

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You play as The Leader, a young teenager destined to save your hometown, Monarch, with your three new friends; The Wiz, The Tinkerer, and The Champ. Each has their own special skills (such as repairing towers, kicking butt, and assembling a siege robot) that are needed to create a successful defense strategy. Together, you have to beat back the Greed—a dormant force that somehow awoke, dead set on wreaking havoc. As you delve deeper into the mystery, you’ll discover where everyone’s gone, where the Greed came from, and what they want. As you swoosh by Main Street on your bike, you’ll find plenty to uncover in this world packed to the brim with lore.

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Retro Vibes and Lulling Synth Waves

Experience a Kingdom game like you’ve never seen it before, in all its vintage glory, as the Kingdom series’ classic, iconic, handcrafted 2D art style has been amped up by neon and retro vibes.

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Travel back to the pixelated 80s when headbands, tracksuits, hoodies, and sneakers ruled, and the color beige was a no-go. Also, you were nothing without a cool bike.

This was also the era of the synth, when music could make robots breakdance, and the future could be heard in every tune. The Kingdom Eighties OST is composed by renowned composer Andreas Hald and will make you feel like you’re back at summer camp when everything was possible, and all you needed was your best buddies…and perhaps a soda.

Press Play and Hope to Survive

Arcades rule! That’s just a fact, and Kingdom Eighties comes with a brand new game mode: Survival Mixtapes! This is a classic arcade survival game, with the only difference that you don’t have to feed the machine quarters. In five different episodes—such as “Back to the Suburbs” and “Greed, First Goo”—you have to survive progressively harder waves of Greed monsters. Each episode comes with random mounts and certain buildings’ special abilities disabled, making each playthrough unique.

Your skills will truly be tested, so you have to be nifty, swift, and adaptive if you want to survive!

Grab Your Controller!

Fans of the Kingdom series, tower-defense gamers, and those who ache to enter a time machine and head for the 80s with all its splendor and adventures are sure to love Kingdom Eighties!

Kingdom Eighties is available now on Xbox!

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Kingdom Eighties

Raw Fury

Kingdom Eighties is a new and standalone title in the award-winning micro-strategy series, Kingdom. A love letter to the nostalgic days of bike riding, summer camps, and sitting around in your pajamas on a Saturday morning in front of the TV. You play as The Leader, a young camp counselor who’ll have to protect their family and the entire town from the relentless attack of the mysterious Greed. The young neighbourhood kids will be at your side, and you’ll also find some new friends along the way: The Champ, the Tinkerer, and the Wiz will lend you their skills and support in battle. What is the secret of the Crown of the Creation, and why are the Greed trying to steal it? New and returning Monarchs: Grab your bikes and get ready for a Summer of Greed! A KINGDOM GAME FOR VETERANS AND NEWCOMERS Building upon the well-known mechanics in the Kingdom series, Kingdom Eighties adds a new storytelling approach. Recruit the neighbourhood kids and assign them roles as builders or soldiers, and expand your territory while uncovering the secrets of your family lineage, the Greed, and the Crown of Creation. STRONGER TOGETHER Kingdom Eighties is the story of four unlikely heroes and their friendship. You are The Leader, and the fate of the town rests on your shoulders, but you don't have to bike alone: The Champ, The Tinkerer and The Wiz will join your band and help you in the fight with their unique abilities. HIT THE STREETS IN STYLE The summer camp is just the beginning! You will travel through different locations never seen before in the Kingdom series. Find some fresh wheels at the skateboard park, visit the shops on Main Street, and free the New Lands Mall from the Greed; all crafted with Kingdom's distinctive, mesmerizing pixel-art.