Xbox Partner Preview: Making Friends in the Alps – a First Look at the Social Side of Dungeons of Hinterberg 


  • In this post, we explore a day in the life of Luisa, what challenges she might face on her adventures and who she could meet. 
  • We show what a typical day of adventuring holds for Luisa and some of the challenges she might face. 
  • We also explain how the social side of the game works and how building relationships will help you progress through the game. 

It all began with magic…. At least that’s how Hinterberg burst onto the tourist scene. The sudden discovery of magical portals and monsters in the previously sleepy town has created a new adventuring hotspot in the beautiful Austrian Alps. 

In Dungeons of Hinterberg, you play as Luisa, who is seeking adventure away from her hectic life in the city and has decided to travel to the Alps to conquer the 25 Dungeons of Hinterberg. The game is an action RPG blended with social sim elements, and a typical day for Luisa consists of exploring the biomes and dungeons surrounding Hinterberg before returning to the village in the evening for some “Après-Slay” socialising. Both aspects are intertwined and shape your progression throughout the game. 

Screenshot from Dungeons of Hinterberg

Welcome to Your “Slaycation” 

You will begin each day at your guest house in the heart of Hinterberg. From here, you will decide which biome to visit for the day — each environment is unique and presents different magic skills to master, along with unique dungeons and challenges. 

Once you’ve made your way to your chosen biome, your first goal will likely be to find a dungeon to tackle. If you’re up for a challenge, you may be trying for the coveted “25 dungeons in 25 days” challenge; or want to spend your “slaycation” at a slower pace, enjoying some quieter moments. 

Screenshot from Dungeons of Hinterberg

Whichever path you choose, you should be prepared, as the serene-looking environments will present you with many challenges ranging from enemies lurking around every corner to herds of cows blocking a path and lethal-looking poison water that Luisa will need to cross. Most of these challenges can be overcome by using your sword, magic, and puzzling skills – but some of these challenges might require the help of friends. 

Screenshot from Dungeons of Hinterberg

Making Friends with the Locals

This is where the social side of the game comes in. Hinterberg’s newfound fame as a magical slaying destination has brought colourful tourists and adventurers from all over the world to the village and has turned it into a bustling hotspot filled with things to do and places to hang out. 

As you get to know both the locals and visitors, you will learn more about them and their lives, and gain insight into what’s happening in the village of Hinterberg (although things aren’t always what they seem). Even more important, however, is who you choose to befriend.  

Screenshot from Dungeons of Hinterberg

Each evening, you can decide to spend quality time with one person. If you successfully deepen your relationship, you will be rewarded. For example, friends might give you a valuable item, teach you a new skill, or share important information. 

You’ll want to choose carefully and consider the challenges you’re facing at that time. Having trouble finding a dungeon? Find someone who made it through and how they gained access. Monster too tough to beat? Seek out a pro slayer to learn a new special attack or visit Hannah’s smithy and be rewarded with powerful sword enchantments. Or maybe you just want to befriend the village dog because he’s so cute! 

Screenshot from Dungeons of Hinterberg

Building strong relationships adds a touch of magic to your journey and holds the key to becoming a formidable slayer in Dungeons of Hinterberg, coming to Xbox Series X|S and Windows in early 2024 and day one with Game Pass! 

Enjoy your slaycation!