KarmaZoo: How a Unique Scoring System Unites Players

Time to unite, fellow loopers. Yes, you too, soon-to-be-looper. I see you wanting to finally jump back into an online multiplayer game and have a good time. Well, KarmaZoo is the game for you.

KarmaZoo is a collaborative altruistic platformer built on true cooperation and sharing kindness. You can play with old and new friends alike, in Loops hosting up to ten players!


The goal of the game is to help teammates in order to score Karma Hearts, and then gleefully spend  them unlocking more characters with special abilities! Every good deed you do earns you Karma Hearts: hold the door open for a fellow looper, create a path on a bed of spikes, propel them into the air, spit to make’em sticky and climb up walls, boost their singing power, shell up to defend them from attacks, blaze fire-pits, create checkpoints, or simply smack them in the face to provide an extra jump – the possibilities are endless! And with over 50 playable characters, you will certainly find your own way to help the world around you.


In each new Loop run, you shall do good to your fellow teammates to score. But why stop at teams of ten when we can have you unite with the whole wide world! There are no limits to good Karma and it is scientifically proven that love never divides…it multiplies!

It is time for us to share our latest wholehearted extravagance: the KarmaPass!

We invite you to cooperate with humanity to collect as many Karma Hearts as you can, together, as one. We will add them all up into one giant fluffy ball of kindness and bathe together in wholesomeness – and the best part? There’s absolutely no cost to you!


Our worldwide efforts and successes will help KarmaZoo’s lost souls unlock playable characters, party game modes, and more! Every time a new KarmaPass objective is complete, the associated reward will unlock for every player, on any device, in any country, at once.

You can check out how many Karma Hearts have been collected worldwide above your Bonsai Tree in your Sanctuary and you’ll find a lot more info directly on KarmaZooGame.com, I’m sure playing for the greater good will bring joy to many, and hopefully to you too!

So, get ready to collect as much Love and Karma as you can to help the world be a better place…one good deed after another.


In KarmaZoo, one must help others to score. Now, with the KarmaPass, you’ll even get to help the world to earn in-game rewards for everyone.

Feeling galvanized for the greater good yet? If not, come join our community and experience the power of love and good Karma firsthand. See for yourselves. KarmaZoo is a game for you, for me, and for everybody.

You might feel overwhelmed by so much positive energy. No worries, we got you covered with our super extra bonus Totem Party Mode, ready to have you compete against friends and vent out your competitive spirit.


We’ll be waiting for you in the Zoo, ready to warm your hearts and share the love! You’ll see, you’ll most probably melt in delight!

KarmaZoo is launching November 14 on Xbox Series X|S and Windows PC. For more information, please follow @KarmaZoo and @Pastagames on X, and visit KarmaZoo.com to follow along with KarmaPass unlockable progress!