Why Debut DLC The Awakened King Makes Remnant II Even Better for All Players


  • A new Remnant II Storyline revolving around the return of the One True King, accessible in Adventure Mode or Campaign. 
  • New Enemies, Mini-Bosses, World Boss and loads of new items, new archetype, armor and weapons. 
  • New secrets and puzzles to uncover

A new chapter unfolds with the release of Remnant II’s highly anticipated first DLC: The Awakened King. This expansion takes players on a journey through the storyline centered around the return of the One True King, a ruler betrayed and left for dead by his closest allies. As the King rises from his dreamless slumber, he emerges with a thirst for vengeance, seeing traitors lurking in every shadow. The once-respected monarch’s demeanor has transformed, now ruthless and relentless, leaving a wake of Fae casualties in his path. 

As players step into the Awakened King’s world, they’ll discover a completely new location on Losomn. A tempestuous storm rages on, coinciding with the King’s Castle’s mysterious appearance in a remote corner of the realm. The deluge has caused water levels to surge, and whispers of mythical creatures, once thought mere legends, now haunt the turbulent waters and nearby docks. 

Confronting New Adversaries

The surging tides bring forth mysterious creatures, once relegated to the realm of folklore. These horrors prowl the docks and nearby streets, eager to claim unsuspecting victims. As players navigate the treacherous terrain, they’ll encounter new characters, their intentions veiled in uncertainty. Along the way, players will grapple with morally weighty decisions, culminating in a showdown with the resurgent One True King. 

Revisiting Familiar Faces 

The narrative unfurls with the revelation of the treacherous plot that led to the King’s forced slumber. The Goddess Nimue, once a confidant of the King, played a pivotal role in this betrayal. Alongside a power-hungry council member and the malevolent figures Faelin and Faerin, they orchestrated the scheme. Nimue, wracked with remorse, ultimately finds a way to rouse the King, hoping to right the wrongs she unwittingly unleashed upon the realms. Now, the King’s awakening has driven him to perceive all Fae as potential turncoats, indiscriminately seeking retribution against those he deems guilty.  

New Arsenal and Items 

The Awakened King DLC introduces a trove of new items for players to track down. They’ll need to solve complex puzzles and face challenges to secure the most elusive items. New weaponry awaits, enabling players to forge synergies with their existing loadouts and archetypes. Those daring enough can also explore the entirely new Archetype, the Ritualist, reshaping the way they approach their character build and combat. 

The Awakened King DLC for Remnant II can be accessed in Adventure Mode or through the campaign. This means it will slot seamlessly into the flow of Remnant II’s gameplay loop players love. With a unique narrative, an all-new landscape, and a host of formidable adversaries and items, players are in for an unforgettable journey through the world of Losomn. Prepare for a tale of betrayal, redemption, and the resurgence of a vengeful monarch. The Awakened King will be available on November 14, 2023! 

Remnant II® – The Awakened King

Arc Games

$9.99 $8.99
The One True King has awakened and is out for blood. Corrupted by the Root during his near-death slumber, the mad king sees betrayal at every turn and is on a rampage of revenge. Since his castle first arrived in a Dran coastal town, the tides are angry and the weather is chaotic, surfacing all manner of creatures from the depths and leaving many mysteries in its wake. – New Archetype – The Ritualist – New storyline, dungeons and area based in the world of Losomn – Many items and powerful weapons that enhance gameplay – New bosses, characters and fearsome creatures to encounter