Arma Reforger Introduces Immersive Military Simulator Cross Play to Xbox

I’ve been a fan of first-person shooters on console for longer than I’d like to admit (GoldenEye, anyone?), and I’ve been privileged enough to experience the exponential expansion of the selection of quality FPS titles on Xbox. But as someone who has always craved a more realistic and immersive military simulator experience, the Arma series has traditionally been my go-to. None of the previous Arma titles have made it to console, and it’s been a sore spot for many console gamers.

Eventually, fate led me to join Bohemia Interactive, right in the middle of the process of rebuilding Arma on a new engine. Arma Reforger is the first game built entirely on the new Enfusion Engine, and the first to introduce Arma’s multiplayer mil-sim experience to console. Now, Arma Reforger 1.0 has officially been released for Xbox Series X|S, opening the doors to console gamers for the first time in the history of the franchise. For Xbox players that are brand new to the Arma games, here’s what to expect.

Arma Reforger is a military simulator that transports you into Cold War era combat. It allows you to battle enemy factions using historically accurate weapons, ground vehicles, and helicopters. However, it’s distinctly different than other first-person shooters. It is a mil-sim sandbox with a huge emphasis on realism and immersiveness in both its gameplay mechanics and its environments. Combat can play out in any number of ways on the vast island maps, and victory isn’t just a matter of who can twitch and jump the fastest. Team communication and logistics organization are equally, if not more important, just as they are in real-world military operations. 

Not to mention, almost every component of Arma Reforger can be modified, opening the doors for an endless variety of weapons, assets, maps, scenarios, and gameplay mechanics, all available for download in the in-game Workshop. 

1.0 encompasses the essence of Arma Reforger. It gives you authentic infantry combat, with a selection of historically accurate weapons, but doesn’t constrain you to repetitive gameplay. The vast and immersive environments of Everon (51 km2) and Arland (10 km2) provide more than enough space for each match to play out differently. You have a selection of ground vehicles at your disposal, and now, in 1.0, you can take to the skies with meticulously recreated helicopters.

There are two main multiplayer game modes, each with their own purpose. In Conflict mode, you can choose to join one of two rival factions (US or Soviet) and battle it out to take control of the islands. A third, non-playable AI faction (the FIA), is also in the mix, adding a bit more unpredictability to the battlefield. You can even battle it out against PC players, on the same servers, in two different crossplay game modes.

While your team must hold several points to win, you can’t just run and gun to secure victory. Strategically transporting supplies to build up bases, repair and refuel vehicles, and restock your team is essential, bringing an added tactical dimension that really sets the game apart. There’s also a comprehensive medical system, meaning you can heal and revive your teammates, or even play as a medic if that’s your thing.

In the second game mode, Game Master, one selected player curates combat scenarios for other players, adding assets and AI, and generally guiding the flow of the match. You can also play Game Master offline in single-player, making it a great place to try and test new features and create your own scenarios to play with others later. I have logged countless hours setting up scenarios and trying to survive against dozens of AI as a training ground for multiplayer servers.

As the first military simulator sandbox available on console, Arma Reforger truly showcases the potential of the Enfusion Engine. After a few minutes of gameplay, you can instantly tell that this Arma title just feels more “real.” The flexible gameplay of previous installments has been preserved, but the new depth and detail enabled by Enfusion is unmistakable. Arma Reforger 1.0 is the first glimpse of the future of the Arma Platform on Enfusion, and as a fan of military simulators, I can say that the future looks bright.

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Powered by the new Enfusion engine, Arma Reforger enlists you in the fight for two incredible islands, spanning a total of 61 km2, in an authentic Cold War setting. Battle it out in the Conflict multiplayer game mode, or create your own scenarios in Game Master, a real-time editor where anything can happen. Explore the all new terrain of Arland and return to nearby Everon, the mid-Atlantic microstate from the hit game that started it all, Arma: Cold War Assault. Arma Reforger is the latest installment in the Arma franchise, offering a versatile, creative, and fully-moddable platform that redefines the mil-sim genre. Everon Return to Everon, a 51 km² mid-Atlantic island in the Malden archipelago. Revisit familiar locales from Operation Flashpoint and revel in the natural beauty of a massive open-world; a stunning landscape of pine and broadleaf forests, flowing rivers, ponds, idyllic towns, and austere mountains, surrounded by pebble beaches and rocky coastlines. Arland Capture new ground and explore the remote, overseas territory of Arland; a small, 10 km² island belonging to the microstate of Everon. Situated with its mother state in the mid-Atlantic, it occupies a strategic Cold War faultline and is well-known for its military airbase, leased to the Soviet Union. Conflict Join players online and experience realistic Cold War combat as a US or Soviet Army soldier. Capture strategic positions, dominate the battlefield, and work with others to secure objectives in a dynamic, unforgiving environment. With a selection of period-authentic weapons and vehicles, recreated in meticulous detail, Arma Reforger's multiplayer game mode returns you to war. Combat Ops Experience co-operative gameplay and dynamic objectives with Combat Ops; a new scenario focusing on small-team tactics. Infiltrate Arland, strike hard, strike fast, and reach the extraction point. Game Master Control events, create unique missions, and guide players towards victory in Game Master — or submit yourself to the challenges devised by all-powerful creators and fight your way through a responsive sandbox where anything can happen. Multiplatform Deploying on both Xbox and PC for the very first time in the Arma series, Arma Reforger's modded content is now available to all and can be downloaded by console owners from the Workshop, a content creation sharing repository, exclusive to the game. Multiplayer Curate events for friends behind the fog of war as Game Master in Arma Reforger's real-time scenario editor or team up and go head-to-head with others across a sprawling island terrain in Conflict. Workshop Expand the game with original modded content or make and share your own! The Workshop is Bohemia Interactive's own integrated, repository service, meaning console players can now unleash the same creative possibilities as PC users.