Introducing Botany Manor, A Narrative Puzzle Adventure Blooming onto Xbox Game Pass Spring 2024

Hi, Xbox Wire readers! Whitethorn Games has some fantastic news to share with you about Balloon Studios’ upcoming plant-puzzle adventure game, Botany Manor. Today, we’re extremely excited to announce that the game is set to release in Spring 2024 on Xbox Series X|S and will be available on day one with Xbox Game Pass!

Botany Manor introduces the vibrant, plant-filled world of Arabella Greene and her manor. Among the 19th-century architecture lies long-forgotten plants with a mysterious past. Take on the role of retired botanist Arabella Greene as she searches her estate for clues to help restore these long-forgotten flora to their former glory. 

Blossom with Clues

Botany Manor, at its core, is a puzzle-adventure game with a narrative strewn about the manor to provide you insight into the lives, careers, and challenges women scientists faced during the 19th century through the lens of Arabella.

Each seed requires a unique set of circumstances to help it bloom, as these rare flowers, fungi, and assorted flora hail from extraordinary environments, such as flowers that only reveal their splendor during lightning storms and blooms that flourish in fiery-hot volcanic landscapes. With more to discover, it is up to you to determine how to create the perfect environment for each one to thrive.  

As you explore the manor, you will find clues through notes, books, posters, and other items scattered around Arabella’s manor. Some interactable items will allow you to turn and flip them to help in their search to solve each gardening puzzle. Along the way, you’ll be able to keep track of your newly collected clues in your very own herbarium!

Nature is Everywhere

It wouldn’t be Botany Manor without the presence of beautiful plant life. Pairing perfectly with Arabella’s lifetime of memorabilia and a calming soundtrack, the manor fully immerses you in a cozy world of nature and serenity. There’s no rush to solve the gardening puzzles, so sit back, smell the roses, and take in everything Botany Manor has to offer!

Accessibility is in the Roots

At Whitethorn Games, we want to ensure all players have a chance to enjoy the beautiful and serene world of Botany Manor. With this in mind, here are a couple of our adjustable and accessible settings:

  • PC – Mouse and keyboard and full gamepad controller support
  • Single-stick gameplay supported
  • Sprint with a hold or a toggle
  • Separate adjustable audio channels for sound effects, music, and max volume
  • Opaque black background with white sans-serif text for clear readability
  • Invert camera controls
  • Adjustable camera sensitivity and smoothing

These are only a handful of settings players can use to customize their experience to best suit their needs and playstyle.

We hope you enjoy this preview of Balloon Studio’s stunning debut title, Botany Manor, coming to Xbox X|S, available on day one with Xbox Game Pass in Spring 2024.