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Build Your Perfect Xbox Stocking

If you’re looking to give the perfect present to a gaming fan over the holidays, it can be a little daunting to work out exactly what to put in their stocking. Thankfully, Xbox offers a huge amount of variety, meaning there’s a perfect gift for every player. With multiple consoles, subscriptions tailored to every player’s needs, games across every conceivable genre, and personalized accessories, you’re spoiled for choice when you’re looking to spoil a loved one. 

With that in mind, we’ve put together “stockings” for multiple kinds of gaming fans. From buying them a very first console, to figuring out what to get for a veteran player, here are some suggestions of Xbox goodies to gift your loved ones over the holidays.  

Their First Console

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There’s nothing quite like unwrapping that suspiciously big box and finding your first games console inside. If you’re planning on gifting someone a console this year, the Xbox Series S – Starter Bundle is the perfect choice – this all-in-one gaming gift includes an Xbox Series S , designed to play next-gen games, as well as 3 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. With Game Pass Ultimate, you’ll get access to four generations of Xbox games, including our biggest titles, meaning the lucky recipient is sure to find something perfect to play – from the year’s biggest releases like Starfield or Forza Motorsport, to family-friendly gems like Minecraft Legends (and with our convenient Xbox Family Settings App available on iOS and Android, you can set your parental controls and choose what’s appropriate to play, who your child plays with and more)., you can choose what’s appropriate to play). 

If you want to make this holiday extra special, consider customizing their own Xbox Wireless Controller from Xbox Design Lab. Here you can create the perfect controller to match their personality – and you can even engrave their name or Gamertag to make it truly their own. 

The Seasoned Player 

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Some players will already have their Xbox in heavy rotation, but there are some perfect ways to make their gaming experience even better. To give your giftee a truly top-tier experience, consider creating an Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 with Xbox Design Lab just for them. Built to let seasoned players have the best possible experience, with adjustable thumbsticks, rubberized grips, and components built to last. With Xbox Design Lab, you can customize the perfect controller, right down to adding extra paddles, or a carrying case and charging pack. 

Of course, they’ll want some games to play as well, and an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership is the perfect solution. With hundreds of titles included as part of the price – and access to them across Xbox consoles, PC, and Xbox Cloud Gaming (Beta) – it offers some of the best value in gaming. Play huge releases like Starfield on day one, discover indie gems, and even get access to EA Play for even more games, all in one package. 

With all those games to download, your giftee might need some extra space to store them on. Consider adding an Xbox Series X|S Expansion Card into the mix to help with that. Both the WD_BLACK C50 and Seagate Storage Expansion Card offer a seamless way to offer more space on their console. 

The PC Player 

PC Game Pass Key Art

Xbox games don’t have to be played on a console – if you’re gifting for a PC player, PC Game Pass is their ticket to hundreds of new experiences. Including PC favorites from our own studios and incredible partners – like Starfield, Age of Empires IV, and Crusader Kings III – you’ll be opening up multiple new worlds to play with a keyboard and mouse. 

If you really want to treat the PC player in your life, consider giving them a new way to play. The ASUS ROG Ally is a portable gaming PC that includes full support for Game Pass (and even comes with 3 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for free), and supports Xbox Play Anywhere, meaning you can start a game at home and pick it up again on the move. 

Your Far-Flung Multiplayer Partner 

Xbox Wireless Headset Renders

Sometimes, your perfect Halo Infinite comrade can’t be nearby – but with Xbox that doesn’t need to be a problem. Keeping in touch over comms is never easier than with the Xbox Wireless Headset, which offers crystal-clear sound, a cable-free direct connection to the console, and a comfortable design for those long multiplayer sessions. It’s an affordable way to get the very best online experience. 

If you’re the kind of players who don’t want to stick with a single game, an Xbox Game Pass for Console membership is the way to go. The gigantic catalogue includes multiplayer games from many genres – battle it out in Party Animals, compete for the fastest finish in Forza Motorsport, or survive together in State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition

A Budding Co-op Player 

Xbox Series S Carbon Black

If you’re hoping to play with a partner in your own home, make sure they have the perfect controller to play with. The Xbox Wireless Controller comes in multiple styles, meaning there’s something for everyone. The new Gold Shadow Special Edition offers a sophisticated gold-to-black metallic finish, the Remix Special Edition offers a multi-toned green finish and one third is made from regrind and reclaimed materials, and the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 offers a best-in-class gaming experience. 

And if you both want a screen to yourselves, the new Xbox Series S – 1TB (Black) offers an affordable way to add a second powerful console to your home. Get the same next-gen speed and performance of our Xbox Series S, now with double the storage. And if you do want to play together, Xbox Game Pass Core unlocks online gaming on Xbox, as well as a slate of over 25 games to try, including multiplayer favorites like Grounded, Gang Beasts, and Among Us. 

The Sci-Fi Fan 

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Some players want to immerse themselves in new worlds – none more so than sci-fi fans. Starfield (available with Game Pass) is the perfect gift for the explorer in your life. Discover over a thousand worlds in Bethesda Game Studios’ first new universe in 25 years and embark on an epic journey to answer humanity’s greatest mystery. 

For the full Starfield experience, you can help customize their console, too. The Starfield Xbox Series X Console Wrap offers a striking design inspired by the game, made to offer a precision fit around their console.  

The Racing Fan 

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Some players want the thrill of a race on their console, and Forza Motorsport (available with Game Pass) offers the most advanced racing simulation ever created across Xbox Series X|S and PC. With over 500 cars, 20 tracks, 800 performance upgrades, and more on the way Forza Motorsport will keep fans racing for years to come. 

For the true at-home racing experience, consider adding a Designed for Xbox Racing Setup – these creations from our partners allow you to add a dash of real-life drama to your racing fantasies, all designed to work perfectly with your Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S. The Logitech G Pro Racing Wheel delivers 11Nm of force feedback in a low-latency direct drive motor for ultimate realism, the Thrustmaster T128X adds a wheel-and-pedal bundle to bring the simulation home, while the Fanatec ClubSport Universal Hub v2 for Xbox allows you go fully modular, offering customization with multiple wheel rims, steering wheels, wheel bases, and pedals.