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Achievement Unlocked: Check Out Your Personalized Year in Review with Xbox


  • Get ready to relive your gaming journey in 2023 with the Xbox Year in Review.
  • Discover your most-played game, celebrate your greatest achievements, and more.
  • Dive into personalized statistics, relive epic moments and celebrate your 2023 gaming journey.

Brace yourselves, because the Xbox Year in Review is here, and it’s calling out to you for an epic journey down memory lane. Let’s embark on a quest to relive your gaming exploits, victories and those unforgettable moments that made this year uniquely yours.  

Relive the Best of 2023  

Picture this: all those hours spent conquering quests, owning multiplayer battles, and just generally being a gaming legend. Take a trip down memory lane to see all the games you played, what Gamerscore you earned, and how it compares to your lifetime Gamerscore.  

Uncover Trends and Insights 

Take a look at how your gaming style came to life with personalized data. Get access to stats like your total time played, total achievements, top genres played, top gameplay month and more! You can even see what your top 3 most-played games were, and how you stacked up within them. 

Brag a Little  

Once you’ve seen your Year In Review, we’re pretty sure you’ll want to show it off. You can share your results with one click (on mobile) and tell your followers exactly what you’ve been playing (and how good you were at it).  

How to Access Your Xbox Year in Review 

  • Head over to 
  • Log in to your Xbox account to access your personalized 2023 gaming journey 
  • Dive into the trends that shaped your gaming experience and bask in the glory 
  • Share it with friends and celebrate your year!  

Don’t miss out! Your 2023 Year in Review is not just a recap, it’s a celebration of your gaming journey, an ode to the digital adventures that defined your year. So gear up, log in and let the games and memories roll.  

Visit, log in, and let the adventure begin. Want to see some of our favorite memories from 2023? Check out our recap here.   

The Xbox Year in Review is available in select markets and will be available until 1/31/24.