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Raccoo Venture was Created by Just One Person and Teaches Valuable Lessons

The task of developing a game, from its initial idea to the final version, involves hard work and many challenges that are invisible to those who play it. The standard in a billion-dollar industry involves large teams and all kinds of tools and methods to make the process run as smoothly as possible.

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Raccoo Venture is one of the cases that escapes this pattern not by choice but by necessity. Just as the raccoon hero often faces trials and challenges alone in the kingdom of Verta, his creator, independent developer Diego Ras, on the other side of the screen, faced all kinds of challenges alone for five years to get his game onto modern video game consoles.

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At 39 years old and the son of a typical Brazilian family, Diego was born in the region known for being the cradle of industry around one of the largest cities in the world, the state capital of São Paulo. Due to the typical difficulties of a family formed by a metalworker Diego had late contact with games and technology. Always a few steps behind the most modern consoles, he had his first contact with games at the age of 8 and his first computer at the age of 21.

For Diego, making games for a living had until then seemed a very distant and impossible reality. He graduated from a technical school for mechatronics and went on to study design. He entered the advertising industry and worked there for years until he suffered burnout from working at a fast and chaotic pace.

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He gave up what he did for a living and decided to divide his time between freelancing and starting his big project, Raccoo Venture. His entire professional history up to that point had given him a certain ease in the creative and design aspects, and even in programming due to his technical knowledge. But in making this choice, Diego had to give up some things and began to strictly control his savings in order to get the game off the ground. Even so, he used up his reserves and had to borrow money.

Even his father, his biggest supporter, ended up helping out financially as best he could. But in 2019, the bad news came: his father was diagnosed with cancer. Now it was time for Diego to help his father financially who, during his many visits to the hospital, was the one who most wanted to know if the game was ready and how the project was progressing.

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The choice of genre and hero was no accident. When he started his project in 2018, he missed the more colorful and cuddly games of his childhood. The raccoon always had a bad guy stigma with its fur almost always looking like the mask of a thief or something. But that mask could also be that of a hero like Zorro, for example!

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The part that took up the most of the developer’s time was the level design, not because it was exactly labor-intensive, but because Diego wanted a game balance that would make the game progressive and, of course, fun for the players.

In this whole process, Diego needed a lot of balance and determination to get Raccoo onto the screens of gamers all over the world in a game that is closely linked to his personal history. And for this very reason, the developer never thought of giving up. On the contrary, he learnt valuable lessons that he is keen to share with every developer who wants to make their first game.

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He says that if someone has done it, he can do it too. Nothing is impossible to do. If you do it alone, the only difference is that it will take longer. With hard work, dedication, discipline and study, you can achieve it, or at least come close. Especially because what matters most is the journey and everything you learn along the way, not necessarily the final destination.

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Diego knows that Raccoo Venture could be much better than it already is. But what he really hopes is that the adventures through the kingdom of Verta manage to put a smile on the faces of the players who decide to venture into it. And, of course, that the game brings back wonderful memories for those who, like him, spent hours as a child collecting items and jumping around a colorful fantasy kingdom. That would be his greatest reward.

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Diego’s father, Edvaldo, passed away in 2023 and, as the biggest supporter of the game, he never saw it finalized. But all the players around the world will be playing this role for him. Have fun with the game that tells two incredible stories of two beloved, likable, persistent and fun characters: Raccoo and Diego Ras.

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Defeat different enemies and challenges in this spiritual successor to the 3D platform genre. Find new ways to customize the hero, and discover new friends who will help you on your journey to retrieve the holy relics. Discover your true destiny through a world full of magic and secret items. Save the harmony of the world and prevent chaos from returning to the land of Verta. But for that, many puzzles and the most unusual enemies will cross your path.