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A Journey of Spirit: Room of Depression

Room of Depression portrays the story of Moon, a seemingly ordinary woman living with depression. Players can guide Moon through their life journey,, from resistance to acceptance, from inner conflict to liberation, in this heartfelt narrative.

Room of Depression is available now. We sincerely invite you to join us and experience this journey together.

Moon lies about being fine to avoid worrying her friends, struggles to sleep at night due to overwhelming thoughts, and faces difficulty concentrating on work. Through numerous details in the game, players can empathize with the challenges of depression and resonate with the protagonist.

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Room of Depression employs soothing, almost nonexistent music, accompanied by long stretches of light dialogue, presenting you with a somewhat closed and oppressive inner world. As Moon, navigating the daily tunnel of life, will you ever feel a sense of loss? Repeating the same things every day, seeing the same scenes in the bright spots of the tunnel, hoping for a sudden disappearance. We all experience numerous people and events every day, but in your heart, these things leave no shadow, inexplicably melancholic, a daily weight…

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Room of Depression is filled with interactive details, focusing on portraying the impact of depression. For instance, during conversations with others, some words, though simple, are hard to say, like the straightforward ‘unhappy,’ which, out of consideration for others, turns into a hesitant ‘I’m fine.’ The game requires you to awkwardly drag these letter bubbles, depicting the inexpressible feeling, aiming to showcase the oppression that depression brings. There’s also the heavy feeling of tearing off the calendar, where every day is the same, and time helplessly slips away.

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Playing this game gives you a sudden illusion of, “I might exhibit some mild signs of depression.” You’ll have difficulty concentrating on tasks, have restless sleep, a constant sense of chaotic thoughts, lacking both passion and joy—beautiful memories smoothed away by time, leaving only the helplessness of sadness. This is a day in Moon’s life, seemingly ordinary like ours but filled with various oppressive thoughts.

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The concept behind Room of Depression is from games like Florence, Hell Blade, which do not serve as entertainment but rather express some messages and want to raise the player’s feeling associated with issues like being lovelorn, psychosis and blindness.

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As we immerse ourselves in Moon’s story, we may realize that there are countless Moons around us, individuals grappling with similar internal battles. Perhaps by understanding Moon’s story, we can extend our empathy and assistance to the countless Moons in this world, contributing to a collective effort to support those facing their own challenges.

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Room of Depression


Is there anyone around you that suffers from depression? Do you really understand depression? This game allows you to enter a world of people who suffer from depression and understand how to deal with people with depression properly. "Room of Depression" is an adventure game on Steam that focuses on the atmosphere and experience of depression. Players experience Moon's daily life. Her encounters may be as ordinary as any passer-by but her world is very different from others. The big and small events in life affect her differently because she suffers from depression. Depression is a common mental illness around the world, especially in developed cities. The mission of this work is to not only explain depression, but to let players have a taste of depression themselves through the game experience. We will donate part of the game revenue to charity fundraising projects, and you are welcome to join us.