Vapor Series Hero Image

Introducing the Vapor Xbox Wireless Controller Collection: Where Style Meets Victory

Introducing the newest collection of Xbox Wireless Controllers: the Vapor series in Xbox Design Lab and the Xbox Wireless Controller – Dream Vapor Special Edition. In this collection, each top case features a dynamic pattern that is unique to every controller. If you are familiar with the Xbox Wireless Controller – Stormcloud Vapor Special Edition, you have seen how this misty pattern creates a subtle and textured look that only you can call yours.  

The Vapor series with Xbox Design Lab brings some of the most unique controller designs available for your customization, offering six top case options with swirling color patterns. If green is your thing, the Electric Vapor top case merges the bold Electric Volt and the iconic Velocity Green, while the Nocturnal Vapor top case draws you in with its Dark Green and Grey swirl. Feel the heat with the Fire Vapor top case, featuring a fiery red and orange swirl, or opt for the cool and collected Stormcloud Vapor, with a sleek blue swirl design. If pink and purple are your power colors, look no further than the Cyber Vapor top case, showcasing a lively pink and purple swirl, or enter in the dreamy hues of the Dream Vapor top case with its soft pink and soft purple swirl. 

Vapor Series Hero Image

Once you’ve selected one of these unique Vapor top cases, it’s time to personalize further by choosing from a variety of button and thumbstick styles. You can even enhance your design with metallic triggers and D-pads, rubberized side and back grips, and add a personalized engraving for the finishing touch. 

Dream Vapor Image

Alternatively, enter dreamland with our newest Special Edition design, the Xbox Wireless Controller – Dream Vapor. Using the pink and purple top case from the Vapor collection, we’ve dreamt up a Special Edition controller that highlights the best that this colorway has to offer. The subtle pink-purple swirl is extended to the rest of the design, featuring soft pink thumbsticks, bumpers, triggers, and hybrid D-pad. What you’ll find unique about this Special Edition controller is the inclusion of a purple rubberized back case, soft pink ABXY buttons with purple accents, and an exclusive Dynamic Background that brings this amazing design over to your Xbox Series X|S console.  

All controllers within the Vapor Collection include all the incredible features fans can expect with our newest generation of controllers. This includes a battery life of up to 40* hours of gameplay, allowing you to stay immersed in the action for longer. Enter every reality of gaming via the Bluetooth and Xbox Wireless connection, enabling you to connect and play on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC, iOS and Android devices.

You can chat with your friends using any compatible headset and share your most unbelievable gaming highlights using the dedicated Share button on your controller. Use the Xbox Accessories app to remap your controller buttons and create custom controller profiles for your favorite games, giving you endless potential to elevate your gaming experience. 

The Vapor Series is available now with Xbox Design Lab, where you can choose from the six Vapor designs to create a completely customized controller. You can also pre-order the Xbox Wireless Controller Special Edition – Dream Vapor today in select Xbox markets worldwide for $69.99 USD ERP. Visit or your local retailer, including Microsoft Store, for more information. 

Vapor Series Hoodies

We’re also introducing the newest addition to the Xbox Icon Collection – The Vapor Hoodie. Inspired by the two-color swirl of the new Xbox Vapor wireless controllers, our Icon Collection Vapor Hoodie is available in 3 print colors each with its own unique swirl pattern: the orange and red Fire Vapor, the purple and pink Cyber Vapor, and the green and electric volt yellow Electric Vapor. Available only in the Xbox Gear Shop.

*Battery life varies with usage and other factors. Testing conducted by Microsoft using standard AA batteries in preproduction units. Button mapping available via Xbox Accessories app for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Windows 10/11; app for Windows PC requires compatible USB-C cable (sold separately).