Celebrating 10 Years of World of Tanks on Xbox

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  • We’re celebrating ten years of tanks throughout the whole year.
  • Enjoy a look at the Year of the Dragon season.
  • Get a preview of what’s coming this year in World of Tanks Modern Armor.

World of Tanks is hitting the big ten! Since 2014, the game’s been part of the Xbox free-to-play scene, bringing you only the best tank battles on console. It’s safe to say that the game wouldn’t be where it is today if it wasn’t for its first release back in the Xbox 360 days.

Wargaming CEO, Victor Kislyi himself reflects on his time at the Microsoft E3 2013 Press Conference. “As I look back, it was incredible to be on stage 10 years ago during the 2013 Microsoft press conference announcing World of Tanks for Xbox.  Wargaming was thrilled to bring World of Tanks, the game that has been my life, to a platform with millions of players. We were the vanguard of F2P on console, providing a new way to both play and discover games. This was only possible with the support and belief of our trusted partner, Microsoft, with whom we have continuously achieved significant results. It has been an amazing decade for World of Tanks on Xbox and here is to many more!”

Since then, it was full speed ahead to keep Victor’s vision alive. And Director of Live Operations Valerie MacCracken will vouch that it was quite the ride. “At the time, there weren’t many free-to-play games on Xbox 360… It felt like unchartered territory.” The hard work would eventually pay off. “The game has evolved tremendously since its release, from having only three tank nations to now having a full tech tree across two game modes, a ton of new features, with more coming up this year!”

From the World War II theaters to the high-paced Cold War battlefields, we’ve traveled across history with a roster of tough-as-nails vehicles of all shapes, sizes, and nations.

As a thank-you for ten incredible years of tanking, get ready for a yearlong celebration unlike any other with monthly gifts, special events and sales, and the opportunity to earn two end-of-the-year tanks with the year-long Celebrations event.

American Tier X MBT-B Heavy Tank Image
The American Tier X MBT-B Heavy Tank.

Firstly, enjoy your first gift by logging in on February 13 and unlocking the American Tier X MBT-B Heavy Tank (plus its exclusive Raider Skin) for free, or in discounted bundles. Your discount is based on the number of years you’ve been playing the game.

Leading into our tenth anniversary festivities, our January 30 update brought important updates to the game, particularly to Cold War mode. We’re calibrating the Silver and XP research costs for your Cold War vehicles, so you grind less, collect faster, and enjoy your time on the battlefield even more.

The latest update also brought the new Azure Coast community map, a fresh batch of War Chests, and limited-time Chinese New Year-themed bundles to the game. It also marked the end of the Resolutions event. Commanders who participated in it (by completing seasons throughout 2023) and finished at least five seasons will find the one-of-a-kind T34 Calliope waiting for them in their garage. This unique vehicle is the only World War II tank with rockets, making it a real collector’s item exclusive to console. And if you’ve completed six seasons, you’re getting the tank plus a side of bonus rewards!

World of Tanks Year of the Dragon image

And now, let’s dive into the Year of the Dragon season details. As in previous seasons, you have 100 levels where themed rewards are ready to be earned. In this season, inspired by the Chinese zodiac for 2024, there are three reward paths to choose from. All tank commanders automatically start on the Free path, where you can earn rewards every few levels ranging from the reliable Type 59-II Premium tank, the season Medal, a 2D Dragon Commander, Gold, War Chests, and more! Then you have the Season Pass, where you receive rewards at every level (in addition to the Free rewards), more tanks, and the new WZ-1224 premium tank once you complete level 100.

And for your third option, the Ultimate Season Pass will immediately give you everything in the Season and Free pass, plus the new Highlander 116-F3 Premium tank for World War II mode, a themed 3D Hero Commander, and 25 completed levels.

It’s World of Tanks Modern Armor’s anniversary, but it’s you who’s getting the gifts. New affiliations for Cold War mode, a new World War II Tech Tree line, and specials for D-Day’s 80th anniversary, Tankfest, and Halloween are among some of the highlights for 2024.

WZ-1224 tank image
The WZ-1224, unlocked by completing level 100 in the Year of the Dragon Season Pass.

Also, going back to Cold War and researching just for a bit, this February, you’ll be able to start a new Tech Tree line of German light tanks, from the Post-War Era (Era 1) all the way to the Détente Era (Era 3), and tank destroyers, from the Post-War Era (Era 1) to the Escalation Era (Era 2). If you’re new to the game, Cold War mode’s light tanks may look “light” at first, but they pack some serious firepower and are crucial for suppressing and ambushing the enemy thanks to their maneuverability. As for the tank destroyers, their name says it all.

There’s so much to look forward to with the release of Year of the Dragon and World of Tanks Modern Armor’s tenth anniversary’s yearlong celebrations.

Here’s to ten more epic years to come. Keep on tanking!

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