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Dive into the Raw Fury Xbox Publisher Spotlight Sale – Up to 80% off

  • 18 games with a major discount starting today through March 25.  
  • Two-week exclusive sale with up to 80% off the original price. 
  • Get a smorgasbord of games and genres for a fraction of the price. 

It’s March! To herald in the fresh new spring, we are excited to announce that we are basically (almost, almost) giving away a ton of our games. From March 12-25, we are celebrating the Raw Fury Xbox Publisher Spotlight Sale—and our games are up to 80% off!

Get ready to embark on mysterious adventures in Call of the Sea, go on a journey of self-discovery on your hoverbike in the alien landscape of Sable, and unleash your inner hero in Kingdom Eighties. Just to mention a few! In the sale you can also find the highly original arcade experience Pizza Possum, and the turn-based battle RPG Cassette Beasts where you collect, battle, and fuse with beasts that you find on the mysterious island of New Wirral. But that is just glimpse of what you can get: the wide selection of games spans from heart-pounding action to brain-teasing puzzles, from immersive RPGs to adrenaline-pumping shooters. Whether you’re a battle-hardened veteran or are fresh-faced and eager to dive into something new; this is your smorgasbord. And it is ready for you to explore! 

For us, the Raw Fury Xbox Publisher spotlight is a real highlight of the year. We love our Xbox players, and whether you have experienced us through playing our titles with Game Pass or have just dived in when they launched (or beyond), we thank you – as this is one of our favourite places to be. And the joy we have experienced through dialogue with the Xbox community is one that we love – feel free to hit us up on our socials and tell us if you checked out any of our games. And if there is something you want to try, now is the time, as our games are super cheap (up to 80% off in some cases). Check out our music video above for the complete list of discounts. It’s delightfully unhinged, but you know, in a good way! 

But,, if you don’t want to listen to our lovely song – which you are missing out on if you don’t watch it – you can find the complete list of games and their lovely discounts below:  

Content TypeDiscount
Atomicrops 75%
Call of the Sea60%
Cassette Beasts30%
Gonner 270%
Kathy Rain80%
Kingdom Eighties30%
Kingdom Two Crowns75%
Kingdom Two Crowns: Norse Lands15%
Kingdom New Lands85%
Night Call80%
Pizza Possum25%
The Longest Road on Earth 65%
The Mosaic80%
West of Dead75%

    The Raw Fury Xbox Publisher Spotlight Sale runs from March 12-25 – The smorgasbord is set up – are you ready to dig in?