Community Update April 2024 – Seeking Updates of the Morning

Hi there, Xbox Insiders!

The Fire Dawn

Welcome back to another monthly Community Update. Thankfully, this year’s April 1st landed on Monday, so you can rest assured knowing everything below isn’t an elaborate ruse. (But watch out for next year!) We have a couple of updates, as well as a new development we think will excite everyone; so, let’s dive in!

The Finisher

We’re happy to confirm that we are in the final stages of two different projects. This month should see the formal transition of release notes away from the Xbox Wire to their new home on the Xbox Support website! This has been a tremendous undertaking so that all Xbox users can find their updates in one central location. There will be a larger article forthcoming that outlines all of the changes along with links/hubs for this new setup. This change will also enable some of the future content we’re planning for this blog, so stay tuned!

The other conclusion we’re reaching this month is our “Get To Know The Team” articles. There are around a half dozen of these still to come, so expect those to come out throughout the rest of the month. It’s been a lot of fun getting to share more about the team, so we hope that everyone has enjoyed these chats with the Xbox Insider Team. (Yesterday’s was particularly fun to write. 😊)

The Pitch

Now, for an announcement of sorts. Over the past few months, we’ve been working in close partnership with the wonderful team over at Sumo Leamington on their preview for Stampede: Racing Royale, which launched late last week. If you haven’t seen it yet check this out!

In the near future, we’ll be hosting the first ever “community/developer plays” event exclusively for Xbox Insiders. Hop into the kart-battling mayhem of Stampede: Racing Royale and challenge the developers themselves to become the ultimate champion! More details about this event will be shared on socials for Xbox Insider and Stampede: Racing Royale. See ya there!

The Summit

One other community initiative we’ll be doing this month is over on the Xbox Insiders subreddit. There was a great thread last week that a lot of our community members were passionate about, so we’re following that up starting today with a “Community Talk Back” thread to discuss the topic in greater detail. Stop on by and share your thoughts with the team!

The Rise

And that’s it for April! We still have projects in various states of progress (baking, simmering, heating; we like our cooking analogies), but nothing quite ready to share further.

As always, I hope everyone enjoyed this installment of the Xbox Insider Program Community Update. If you want to chat about this—and everything else XIP—hop on over to the r/XboxInsiders subreddit or throw us a follow @xboxinsider.