Cat’s Eye: How to Navigate the World of Little Kitty, Big City

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  • Enjoy this guide to help you think more like a cat and get the most out of your shenanigans in Little Kitty Big City.
  • Is there anyone more curious than a cat? We don’t think so!
  • Little Kitty Big City is available now for Xbox, Windows, and with Game Pass.

Little Kitty Big City is an open-world exploration game which lets you play as an adventurous — and willful — little cat. You’ll make your way back home eventually, but not before you find distractions aplenty, a cast of quirky animals to befriend and so much mischief to get into! But we know it can be hard to let go of human ideas like “responding to emails” and “not tripping people up to see what’s in their briefcases,” so here is a little guide to help you think more like a cat and get the most out of your cat shenanigans. 

Engage Your Curiosity

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Is there anyone more curious than a cat? We don’t think so! In the world of Little Kitty, Big City, there are always new places, people, and collectibles to discover. You just have to stay curious to find them all, and the best way to stay curious is to keep asking yourself questions! What’s under that wall? What happens if I tread painty paw prints all over this human’s art canvas? Will this thing smash when I push it off a ledge? Finding the answers is a vital part of being a little cat.

Interact With Humans

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If you’ve ever met a cat, you’ll know that they each have their own unique personality and their own way of interacting with humans. Being a cat in Little Kitty, Big City is no different — how you interact with the people around you is up to you. Are you feeling a little mischievous? Time to trip an innocent pedestrian by weaving between their legs in a very unhelpful way and then steal their phone! Feeling in need of affection? You can rub against those human legs instead and give a little purr. Humans eat that stuff up. And if you’re feeling annoying, you can meow meow meow the day away! Who doesn’t love a very noisy cat following them around for no reason?

Navigate The World

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Cats are graceful (sometimes), small, can climb ivy walls, squeeze into tight spaces and always land on their feet! Since you’re no longer a clumsy human in this game, all those tiny little spots you never thought you’d be able to fit into are now open to you as a little kitty. From the rooftops to ground below, all the vents, awnings, cars, and fences are your domain. Except those big puddles. Let’s just stay far away from those…

Express Yourself

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As you explore the city, you will meet other cats who will offer new ways to immerse yourself in the mind of a cat. You’ll learn crucial kitty emotes like how to make muffins, have a biiiiig stretch, take naps, sits where you fit, and even gag at gross smells or unpalatable tasks! These gestures are an invaluable part of your toolkit for self-expression and can be combined with Kitty’s extensive wardrobe of collectible hats to create the perfect reaction to a situation.

Try the Sunflower hat with the biiiiiiig stretch for Kitty’s attempt at the traditional Sun Salutation yoga flow. Follow that up by swapping to the Crab hat and making a yuck face in the greengrocer’s – you must protest her lack of seafood. Then round off the day by donning the Sheriff’s hat and lashing out with a paw swipe at a board game. How else will the humans know that you’re not into chess?


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Humans don’t understand how hard cats work to find the perfect nap spot. In fact, if cats didn’t spend so much energy looking for new places to sleep, perhaps they wouldn’t be so sleepy in the first place…? But that’s a topic for a different blog! What you need to know for Little Kitty, Big City is that, when you find a good nap spot, you want to get in there immediately, and in whatever pose fills the space. After all, when a nap is at stake, who cares which way the humans say your spine and limbs are “supposed” to be facing!

Little Kitty Big City is available now for Xbox, Windows, and with Game Pass.

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