A Deep Dive into the Supernatural Threats and Secrets of New World: Aeternum

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Explore a cursed island plagued by mystery when New World: Aeternum comes to Xbox Series X|S on October 15. In search of rumored riches on the eternal isle of Aeternum, you shipwreck and are plunged into the depths of an immortal spiral. Its strange inhabitants pulled in by the winds of opportunity, or so you thought.

Learn the ways of the island’s increasingly savage, supernatural cycle and forge your story to uncover the truth lurking behind Aeternum’s perpetual conflicts in this thrilling action-RPG set during the twilight of the Age of Exploration.

Pursue Your Ambition

Conflict and bizarre happenings in Aeternum date back further than anyone can remember. But a loss of memory is only one of the many fates worse than death that you’ll encounter throughout your travels. Some give into the seductive whispers of power and turn into a mindless Corrupted, while others lose their sense of purpose and become a soulless Lost. Many even go mad after recovering from death after death.

Isabella is an intrepid explorer that ventured to the island in pursuit of Azoth, the source of magic in Aeternum. Possessed by the insatiable evil of the Corrupted, she now creeps ever closer to spreading the corruption’s ghastly influence beyond Aeternum. The coastal storms have grown worse, countless adventurers wash ashore daily, and an ominous presence lurks around every village. To stop her, you’ll need to successfully navigate the island’s restless terrain as well as different adversaries.

Forge Your Story

Your curious voyage starts with character creation. That customization then extends to outfits, weapons, tools, mounts, camp skins, and emotes. Solve every mystery surrounding Aeternum solo or with friends for a completely different experience. There are also Trade Skills like Cooking, Fishing, Musical Instruments, Crafting, and many more that grant various bonuses and further immerse you in your favorite aspects of the game. Need some extra coin for a house? Put on a musical performance and gather tips at the nearest settlement. Want more coin for your Company to buy matching Flail skins? Create your own furniture and sell it.

Companies are organized groups of adventurers that can team up for both competitive and cooperative activities. To join another player’s Company, you’ll first have to be in the same Faction. Early on, you’ll have the choice to join either the Marauders, the Syndicate, or the Covenant. All three Factions have unique values, colors, and philosophies, complete with their own quests and schemes. Maybe you’ll join the Marauders because you love the color green, the Syndicate because you share their passion for knowledge, or the Covenant because your friends did. This is your story, so there’s never a wrong choice.

Faction members can help you complete quests and fend off danger throughout Aeternum. Your fellow members might gift you gear for easier progression, take a few swings at powerful enemies, or revive you in chance encounters while traveling to their next destination. Lend a hand to help your Faction thrive.

Carve Your Destiny

Aeternum constantly changes at the hands of those in power. Whether you fight the Corrupted, the Lost, or another Faction, you can overcome any foe after stumbling across a mysterious box in your ship’s wreckage. To better ease you into the unique timing and positioning of every weapon, you’ll pick a character archetype at the start of your adventure. Each of the seven character archetypes includes two weapons and a few initial Trade Skill boosts, plus multiple skill trees with customizable abilities. Mix and match different options until you find the perfect combination for your playstyle:

  • Executioner: Great Axe and War Hammer
  • Musketeer: Rapier and Musket
  • Mystic: Void Gauntlet and Life Staff
  • Occultist: Fire Staff and Ice Gauntlet
  • Ranger: Spear and Bow
  • Soldier: Longsword with Shield and Hatchet
  • Swordbearer: Greatsword and Blunderbuss

Beyond the main story quest, there are many horrors of Aeternum for you to vanquish. Hunt a colossal Sandwurm in one of the game’s challenging Trials, unearth some of the island’s darkest secrets in Expeditions and banish otherworldly demons during seasonal events. As you piece together the lore around each bad omen, you’ll better understand the troubled history of the eternal isle. There’s always another threat skulking about Aeternum, not to mention numerous ways for you to personalize your approach.

We look forward to new ambitions, secrets, and threats coming to the eternal isle through future adventurers. What story will you bring to the island? New World: Aeternum is available for pre-order now. Check out the New World: Aeternum website for more information.

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