Demo: Culdcept SAGA

Content: Culdcept SAGA Demo
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Dash Text: [ESRB: T (Teen) MILD FANTASY VIOLENCE,MILD LANGUAGE,PARTIAL NUDITY,SUGGESTIVE THEMES] In Culdcept SAGA assume the role of a young hero who can control mystical creatures that live within powerful cards. As a war ravages the countryside, it is up to you to bring peace back to the land. With powerful enemies, you must test your skills in a battle of wits at every roll of the die. In this demo, conquer the first map and battle up to three of your friends. Will you roll the six you need to pass enemy territory safely? Roll the die and find out. Make sure to strategically use your cards, too, as a well managed book of cards can get you out of many dangerous situations. Culdcept SAGA combines the luck of a board game with the strategy of a trading card game. Test your skills today!
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