Geeking out @ Child’s Play

As you may remember, Tuesday night I went to the Child’s Play Charity Dinner Auction, which raised over a quarter-of-a-million dollars for the charity. I was sitting at a large table with Frankie and Brian from Bungie and many other gaming dignitaries, but I was most excited about who was sitting at my table directly across from me: Wil Wheaton. This is where it gets pretty funny. We had not had a chance to chat and introduce ourselves yet (dinner and the auction was underway, and it would have been rude to stand up and walk over to say hello in the middle of all of that.) The funny part is we were both twittering about the other during the auction and before we had met. (mine and his.) We finally met after the auction and had a good laugh about this.

So yea, I think that wins it for the Geekiest thing I have done this year. Hands down.

Will has his write up here. And yes, I will get him on a future show.

Edit: Kiko from Penny Arcade has posted photos from the event.

Edit: Here is a photo of the table where we were sitting. Me on the right, Wil on the left. My pensive look is me deciding if I should bid or not.