Uncover the Truth in 2017 in To Azimuth for Xbox One

Eli Windham had been doing better.
Sober. A steady job. Sunday dinner with his sister every week.
And, by all appearances, finally shaking off the shackles of whatever changed him in Vietnam.

On August 14, Eli Windham vanished from his home in Musgrove, Alabama.

* * * * * *

I’ve been dying to talk about To Azimuth again for a while now. The game isn’t a secret by any means (I ran an ultimately unsuccessful Kickstarter for the game, after all), but the project sat in limbo for several months while I worked on the console editions of Three Fourths Home. To Azimuth never left the back of my mind, though, and as soon as Three Fourths Home: Extended Edition was ready to release, I jumped right back in. And I’m thrilled to announce that, with the support of Digerati, we’re bringing to Xbox One.

In To Azimuth, you will assume the roles of Eli Windham’s siblings, Susannah and Nate, as they pursue the truth behind his disappearance. The game shares a lot of DNA with classic adventure games while also aiming to be something a little bit… different. The narrative is told through two simultaneous, interweaving storylines, and decisions in one affect the characters and events in the other, allowing you to shape your experience in ways both subtle and obvious. Once you’ve played through one character’s storyline, you’ll even be able to share that unique experience with someone else by transferring a record of your decisions to them, letting them experience the “other side” of your story.

And there might be aliens.

To Azimuth follows in the thematic footsteps of Three Fourths Home (and, by extension, two smaller projects that I consider to be in the same “family,” [out] and Letters to Babylon). It is a personal project exploring family, mental health, and the paranormal, wrapped in a surreal low-poly haze of shifting perspectives and structures.

We’re aiming to release To Azimuth in Q1 2017, and I couldn’t be more excited to share more over the coming months.

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