Powell Lacrosse 16 Available Now for Xbox One

Powell Lacrosse 16 is available now – and I’m here to let you know how this game will change lacrosse video gaming forever. It stars the one and only Casey Powell, a living legend among lacrosse players. The biggest name in the game of lacrosse is the cover athlete for our new game. A man with countless accolades under his belt is bringing his star power to the title bearing his name – and in Casey Powell Lacrosse 16, you can become the next star of the game, just like the man himself.

The game’s Lacrosse Academy ushers in a new opportunity of creative possibilities for lacrosse fans. You can create teams, players, coaches, and referees in the Lacrosse Academy, and share them with the world. This innovative mode features endless customization options – from the player’s height, weight, skin, and physique to facial features and hairstyle. Equipment selection allows for customization of helmets, jerseys, elbow pads, gloves, stick handles, stick heads, war paint, socks, and shoes. If you can see it, you can tweak it!

Powell Lacrosse 16’s career mode offerings come in three different servings: Star Player, Rookie Player, or Coach.

Coach mode allows you to take control of any team to (hopefully) take them to the glory of a championship, as well as control funds and player movement… and, if you get tired of controlling that team, swap over to another at the end of the year.

As you progress, you’ll get to tackle challenges that range from game-to-game or across your entire career – stuff like getting a certain amount of checks, or successfully dodging your opponent with a spin or dodge move. These achievements all go toward your earnings, and help your custom-made player and team to improve as you play.

The Rookie Player mode allows you to take your custom player from their college freshman year, right up into the pro league draft. You’ll have to focus on being a team player in this mode; you can call for the ball, call for your teammates to shoot… you can even ask your teammates to apply a big hit, to lay out an opponent on an offensive break!

Star Player mode lets you take control of a current lacrosse star, and create history. You can even take control of Casey Powell himself, and guide him to even further glory by becoming MVP and winning championships to help even further define the destiny of a living legend!

Check out Powell Lacrosse 16 on Xbox One today, and lose yourself in one of the greatest sports ever.