Video For Letter Quest: Grimm’s Journey Remastered Doesn’t Mince Words

Letter Quest: Grimm’s Journey Remastered Doesn’t Mince Words

Have you ever fought a dust bunny by spelling words… as an adorable grim reaper? We didn’t think so! Here at Bacon Bandit Games, we’ve been working hard in the frozen Canadian tundra of Winnipeg to finish Letter Quest: Grimm’s Journey Remastered, the turn-based role-playing game where words are your weapons – along with some sharp scythes! We’re thrilled to announce that Letter Quest will be coming to Xbox One on April 8, with pre-orders starting on March 25.

In Letter Quest, players must use the power of words to help the adorable grim reapers, Grimm and Rose, to defeat a legion of monsters, ghosts, and evil bunnies. You’ll spell words to earn gems that can be used to purchase upgrades, books, special items, potions, and much more.

There are four unique ways to play each of the game’s 40 stages (including the ultra-challenging crystal star challenges). If you think you’ve got what it takes, try Letter Quest’s expert mode to really put your vocabulary to the test. Or try your hand at the endless mode, which is sure to challenge even the wordiest of wordsmiths. If you’re not the most proficient speller around, don’t fret: You’ll find a plethora of upgrades and items to make your journey easier. Complete quests for extra gems; equip some books to give you a boost; switch up your weapons to give you the edge that you need; purchase upgrades to show those monsters who’s boss. Letter Quest can be played however you want!

Each stage in Letter Quest can be played in four different ways, and finishing each one earns you a star. The first star is awarded for completing the stage – defeat all the monsters and reach the end.

The second star is a time trial star; all monsters must be defeated before the time limit runs out. We didn’t want players to feel too stressed about the time trial stars, so we made sure that the times were fair, and we also added an optional book that can be equipped partway through the game, which increases the time limits significantly for players who don’t want to worry about having to spell quickly.

The third star is a challenge star. Every stage has a unique challenge for the third star. Some examples include:

  • Completing the stage using a limited number of words or letters.
  • Completing the stage with monsters that having two to three times more health than usual.
  • All vowels are removed from the board, except for one (for example, the only vowel is the letter “E”).
  • All monsters have a special power, such as the ability to create stone tiles.

The final star in each stage is the crystal star, and it’s only unlocked after earning all three normal stars in a given stage. The crystal star is a more challenging version of the stage, where the enemies have more health, deal more damage, and are tweaked in several other ways. These are meant to be incredibly difficult – and you might have to come back and try them later on, after you’ve gotten stronger. One example is an enemy that has very high health and damage, but takes three times more damage from words that are six letters or longer. Or you might face an enemy that takes no damage from words containing any letters from the top row of the board. We had a lot of fun designing these challenges, and we hope that you enjoy playing them!

Letter Quest features more than 30 different monsters, and we took great care to inject lots of personality into them. Instead of doing battle against a simple ghost, for example, you’ll find yourself facing off against ghosts such as Dr. Phantasm, who claims to have received a doctorate in Spectrology from Harvard (we think he might be lying!). Or you might run across the fearsome Dust Bunny – a furry white rabbit with a large chip on his shoulder, due to the unfortunate name that his parents bestowed upon him.

We’re excited to bring the first really deep word-gaming experience to Xbox One. You’ll spell words and see their definitions, in our dictionary that contains over 195,000 words. We’re not claiming that the game will teach you English… but you might learn some new words along the way!

For more info be sure to check out the official Letter Quest website, or pay us a visit on Facebook or Twitter. And make sure to pre-order Letter Quest: Grimm���s Journey Remastered for Xbox One on March 25, in time for its April 8 launch!