Steredenn Side image

Beautiful, Chaotic Shoot ‘em Up Steredenn Available Now for Xbox One

We’re the developers behind Pixelnest Studio, and we’ve just released Steredenn, an epic, chaotic space shooter with big pixels and an explosive soundtrack. It’s a mix between a traditional shoot ‘em up (or “shmup” – remember Gradius and R-Type?) and a modern roguelike. It’s an infinite adventure in the cosmos: You pilot a small ship, isolated from its command center, fighting an endless stream of bad guys. And they are not nice, we can assure you.

Fortunately, we made sure to design a powerful arsenal to defeat all those pirates. Machine guns, lasers, big missiles, drones? An experimental high-energy destructive bomb? Yup. A giant drill? YES! And a shmup wouldn’t be a good shmup without its big bosses, which we designed with great care. They start small, but each new one is bigger… the last one is actually bigger than your screen!

The “roguelike” part is an important piece of Steredenn, too: Each restart arranges the game in a unique new way. Every time, we build the levels by putting together a few waves, followed by a boss. We’ve handcrafted around 300 to 400 waves, which make each playthrough very different. When you defeat a boss, you get a new selection of five random power-ups. With such a vast arsenal (35 weapons), the power-ups, and the enemy waves, you can enjoy a new experience each time you play. But be careful; death is definitive, and you will start from scratch every time you die.

To spice up Steredenn even more, we added a few ways to twist the game. By default, the progression is a succession of waves, but we also created random events and labyrinths. Imagine a storm of lasers coming from everywhere! An asteroid field! Meteor showers! All of that (and more) can happen anytime in these incredible space landscapes.

Steredenn is wrapped in a delicious mix of pixels, explosions, and intense music. In addition to the classic mode (with a worldwide leaderboard), we have also implemented an arena to train in, a super-play mode (for the speed-runners among you), and the Daily Run – a new rotating challenge with its own leaderboard, and the same daily game for everyone.

Steredenn has already been awarded “Best Shoot ‘em Up of the Year 2015” by the very popular website, and it’s now available on Xbox One. We hope you will like it!