That’s a Wrap! Here’s a Recap of the Beam Theme Week Xbox Wire Posts

Last week, your very own Xbox Wire temporarily transformed through a Beam takeover to provide you with a series of daily posts, celebrating Beam Theme Week and sharing more about what makes the Beam community so special, the ins-and-outs of interactivity, how to become a streamer, and more. Thanks to everyone who participated in Beam Theme Week – for joining us in celebration and support of the global launch of Beam on Xbox One and now most recently on Windows 10 with the Creators Update – you and your interactive streaming adventures are what truly bring Beam to life.

In case you missed any of the Beam Theme Week blog posts or want a second look, here’s a refresher of what was covered:

  • Beam 101 – A brief overview of Beam and its unique features
  • #BeamLove and Getting to Know the Community – A general look into the Beam community and its amazing members
  • Beam Interactivity – Interactivity is the one of the coolest thing about Beam. Learn how others are using Beam’s interactive features and how to set up it yourself
  • Become a Streamer – Some great tips and tricks on how to become a streamer
  • Partner Spotlight – Learn about the Beam Partnership program and some truly creative streamers on Beam