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The Culling Available Now Exclusively on Xbox One

Your wait for the world’s deadliest game about an even deadlier game show is officially over! The Culling is available now for Xbox One.

With a potent mix of danger and adrenaline, the burgeoning Battle Royale genre has taken the world by storm and we are absolutely thrilled to bring such a thrilling game first to console, exclusively on Xbox One.

In The Culling, it’s kill, or be killed. No excuses, no second chances, no consolation prize. In order to earn the right to be called a winner you’ll need to out-think, out-play, and out-survive your opponents in a battle for supremacy. We couldn’t be happier to bring Xbox players their very first taste of the excitement that only Battle Royale can bring to the table. It’s fresh, it’s up-close, it’s personal, it’s competitive, it’s a perfect fit Xbox Live.

The Culling Screenshot

In addition to making our debut on Xbox One, we’re also delighted to be entering into the innovative Game Preview program. As developers, there’s nothing more valuable than constructive feedback. Through this platform, we’re offering the incredible opportunity to work with you, the player, to help shape the future of The Culling.

Now that we’ve launched on Xbox One, the show has just begun and there’s plenty of action ahead. We’re hard at work on bringing in new systems and features that will make The Culling even better. We’ll be updating our weekly blog where we share a sneak peek behind the curtain and bounce ideas off of the community. So get loud, get involved, and get to work on becoming the best contestant you can be.

Until then, see you in the arena!