X-Morph: Defense Artwork

Pre-order Twin-Stick Shooter X-Morph: Defense Today on Xbox One

Hello, Xbox fans! I’m proud to announce that X-Morph: Defense is coming to Xbox One and Windows 10 on August 30th. I’ve talked about X-Morph: Defense‘s basic concepts in my previous Xbox Wire post and today I’d like to share a bit more information about the game’s technology and split screen co-op mode.

X-Morph: Defense Screenshot

We’ve built X-Morph: Defense using our proprietary game engine called the “Schmetterling.” It’s been in development for the past five years and we’ve tailored it to enable unprecedented destruction and dynamism of the game world. We’ve modeled all of the buildings with a lot of attention to detail, including their interiors, just to let you destroy them to see what is inside. Every object in the game breaks up into individual pieces that are physically simulated and interact with the world. Every piece of debris that falls into the water creates a splash and disturbs the surface. We’ve also created a special system to simulate tree behavior. All trees bend according to wind direction and are affected by things like shockwave blasts, airplane engines, or some powerful weapons like the Gravitational Singularity.

X-Morph: Defense Screenshot

X-Morph: Defense includes a full split screen co-op campaign. It’s much more fun to discuss gameplay strategies and advanced tower setup with a friend so we’ve designed this game mode to be more challenging than the single-player campaign. All enemy attack waves in co-op mode include additional enemies and attack directions. You have to decide whether you will both attack the enemies directly or if one of you stays in ghost mode to collect additional resources to set up defense towers during the fight. There are three difficulty modes that you can choose from, and change at any time, so you will be able to pick the challenge level that you really want – from casual to hardcore.

For more information about X-Morph: Defense stay tuned to the Xbox Wire!