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New Preview Beta Build – 11/06/17

Preview Beta Insiders began receiving a new system update today, starting at 2 p.m. PST. This latest build (rs3_release_xbox_dev_1711.171103-1923) includes several new features and fixes. For a more detailed look at features recently introduced as part of the Xbox One Update Preview, be sure to check out our recent post “New Preview Alpha Build – 11/03/17.” You can find even more on these features and what’s still to come here.

New Features:

Games & Apps

  • You can now check whether a specific game has downloaded Xbox One X assets from Games & Apps. To do this, navigate to Games & Apps > Games, place the focus over an Xbox One X Enhanced game, press the Menu button, and select Manage game. In the Manage game menu you’ll see Xbox One X Assets: Installed if Xbox One X Enhanced content has been installed.


Party chat

  • Miscellaneous improvements for game performance issues, guide performance issues and stuttering/popping party chat audio.
  • Fixes for bad audio quality and users “hearing tinny” audio.
  • Fixed an issue that caused users to receive the following error when joining party chat:  “Party encountered an error. Something went wrong with your party. Try again later. [0x8923102B]”

Store 4k Videos

  • Fixed an issue that caused videos not to launch properly.

Dolby Atmos and Sound Settings

  • Fixed an issue which caused Dolby Atmos settings to reset after resuming from connected standby and settings would report no audio state.


  • Fixed an issue with Cortana and third party apps like iHeartRadio.

My Games and Apps

  • Fixed an issue that caused game installations to fail at times.
  • Fixed an issue in which the network transfer Resume All would stop installation of the currently installing item and instead start installing the last item resumed.
  • Improved the reliability of game launches.

Known Issues:

Sound Settings

  • Some users may experience an issue when changing audio settings.